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Aug 20, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Sofilps (Sofi): Do you have any fun stories from the Bones set? I’ve read in several interviews that you and the rest of the cast on Bones are laughing in every scene so, what’s the truth behind those laughs? What makes it so funny?

TJ: Hello Sofi!

Fitting question. I was just shooting a scene 2 days ago, with Tamara Taylor & John Francis Daley. It was in the Ookie Room. In the scene, John’s character comes in and starts fiddling around with some rocks pertinent to the case. Tamara, John & I got the giggles, and hahahahaha, I kid you not, for like 7 minutes (which is a LONG time when you are in front of the camera),we-could-not-stop-laughing! It was one of those moments where no matter WHAT happened, one of us would bust. We couldn’t look at each other because we’d go for sure. Tamara was right next to me, and I could feel her almost laughing, which would get me going, which would get John going! Oh-My-God, it was painfully humorous! And ALL THE WHILE, they KEPT SHOOTING!!!! WE were determined to get on top of it, but even the crew was cracking up quietly, and we could hear the director and the producers starting to roll with laughter every time one of us even slightly began to smirk. So so so fun. Side busting fun. A moment like that is funny because we are all there to do the job, and we KNOW that we can not be laughing! Which only makes it worse. It’s like cracking up in Church, or if your teacher is in the midst of yelling at you and you can’t help it! It’s so not the time to laugh but you can’t help it, you are busting up.

It’s a small example, a simple visual. The only reason why we get to that state is because of how much we like each other (that or we are delirious from 14 hours of shooting). Do you know what I mean? When you look forward to seeing someone as we all do, it just puts a smile on your face, and you are that much more susceptible to fits of laughter. It’s our supporting cast as well! Oh my God are they funny! Some of the funniest people I know! Joel and Carla, and Michael, Eugene, Ryan and Brendan, forget about it! (they play FISHER, DAISY, WENDELL, NIGEL, and Booth’s brother.) Man, when they are on set, when I have scenes with them, HOWLING through it all! Michael Terry man, and Brendan is freaking hysterical, and I get giddy when Carla is there or Joel. Just funny fun people and we are all doing what we love, ACTING. It’s a very happy set when the squints enter stage 6!)

This past summer, Tamara came and shot SHUFFLE with me! And the days when she was on set in scenes with me, it was no different than on Stage 6 at BONES. The crew of SHUFFLE were cracking up at us “You can’t get these two together, trouble starts!” they’d say through laughter. Eric and I were the same way all through season 1-3. Don’t get me wrong, we are an extremely professional group and we get the work done!

But every once and a while, in a certain scene, on a certain night, in almost every episode, 7 minutes of pure crack-up occurs. And I love every second of it.




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