TJ Answers a Question About Films/Roles

Sep 10, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Hmfrongillo: Have you ever seen a movie you really loved, and then wished you had been offered that role or could play one like it? If so, what role?

TJ: Hello Hmfrongillo,

The answer to your question is: YES, ALMOST EVERY DAY, ALL OF THEM!!!! I’ll keep it recent: Hurt Locker! Loved that film! Loved those characters (the lead especially!). (500) Days of Summer with Em’s sister Zoey, LOVED that move! Loved that role! Away We Go by Sam Mendes, LOVED that film! LOVED that role! MOON with Sam Rockwell, LOVED that movie! Loved that role! See…it’s bad, I’m a sucker for a great film and a great role both as an audience and as an envious actor 🙂 Love going to the movies! Love love love.



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