TJ Answers a Question About Bones Roles

Sep 17, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Harry_Greece: TJ, if you could choose any other role from BONES what role would you like?

TJ: Hello Harry!

Ah Greece! I hope to make it to Greece some day! I’m not completely sure I understand the question, but I’ll have a go at it. You are possibly asking, “If I could choose any of the male roles that are on Bones which one would I choose?”, meaning if I could trade any character with say David, or John, or others, would I. In which case my answer is a resounding “Never”. I love me some Jack Hodgins! I had the chance, early on, to read for the role of ZACK or JACK, and it was a no brainer for me. I knew Jack and I would be a good match, and I’m very happy playing him.

Now, the other possible version of your question is, “Now that I have been playing Jack on BONES, if I could choose another character to play in other projects, what type of character would that be?” Not sure if either of these are what you are after Harry so I apologize for my own slow processing (it’s just about midnight on a Sunday, I have to be on set tomorrow at 6am, so my mind is half asleep.) But here’s a go at part II-Having played Jack, if there was a role out there, ANY role I could play, what would it be…wow…tough, tough question. I like to aim to be a versatile actor, so my next role I’d think of wanting something completely different…but i’m not sure.

As a younger actor I craved playing the bad guy. Loved making him extra mean by almost being nice, get the audience to identify with his plight and almost care about him…but recently, in the last many years, I’ve been craving the good-guy roles more and more…maybe because in life, I think that’s much more my speed thus something I like to portray. Regardless, I can tell you this, I’d like the roles to be sizable leads. I know they say “There are no small parts…” but take it from a guy that’s been out here fighting to stay in front of the camera for 10+ years, THERE ARE SMALL PARTS! And I like the bigger portions. I like being full. I like having something meaty to bite into role wise, not tiny. Hahahaha. That’s the truth of truths Harry, I want lead roles in great scripts. So long as they fit those two criteria, I’M ALL IN!!!



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