TJ Answers a Question About Filming Aliens in a Spaceship

Sep 24, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Blue_eyes (Maeve): How did you find filming “Aliens in a Spaceship”?-cause that looked like a grueling episode to film.

TJ: Hello Maeve!

I loved every moment of filming that ep.

Grueling, nah! That’s what I love!

When I’m working 14-16 hour days with great material and good partners, its a thrill! Ha, my poor neighbors during my prep for that though. I had my buddy from college come over every day for the handful of days leading up to the filming of that, and we’d rehearse rehearse rehearse. But I’d black out the windows in my car and and rehearse in there (had to get the sense of isolation) at one point had 2 friends come over and hahaha, fill the closet I was already sitting in with pillows (had to get the sense of claustrophobia), I was limping around with things tied to my leg to feel weight (had to get the sense of the wound draining away the blood) etc., etc., etc. As soon as FOX had the actual car we would be buried in, I’d go to set early and leave late and just sit in there and work. It was like my office. I even had invited the director in at one point during lunch and showed him what I was thinking in terms of physicality within the space, then picking out the right clothes, then the right mount of dust and, oh it was really fun! More like this one please!

PS: You are all, like, “weirdo actor, much!”

Thanks for asking!



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