TJ Answers A Question About Labs

Oct 8, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

JennyLea: Have you ever been in any working labs other than the almost prerequisite high school lab? If not, how do you get into your role and make it so believable?

TJ: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Jenny!!!! You really work in a lab in Canada analyzing SOIL SAMPLES?!! (Yes Sharon, great move not calling it “dirt” so as not to upset ol’ Jack :-))** WOW!!! You are me! I am you! You are the real life Jack! That’s amazing! Okay, to your question.

Have I ever been to a working lab outside high school? When we did the pilot I talked with a bunch of entomologists & geologists and read a heck of a lotta books and sat on the Internet day in and day out, but in terms of actual time in an actual lab (gulp), I have 0 hours. I do like to do as much research as I can to make the work look as authentic as possible. As well, we have an AMAZING technical and biological and anthropological guide on set with us everyday we are in the lab, named DONNA CLINE. She’s there as an excellent resource for us, so when we say “um…what the heck am I doing in this scene, how do I actually use this machine!” she’s there, haha. She’s like our all around WALKING CLIFFSNOTES of all things forensic related so as to make us all look good, so individuals like you (WHO REALLY KNOW THIS) can ask questions like, “How do you get in your role and make it so believable!”

Thanks Internet! Thanks research! and Thanks Donna Cline!!!


From one lab coat to another,


**(note from admin Sharon)-when I sent one to TJ, I explained that Jenny works in a lab and analyzes soil (not dirt). Hope I got that right Jenny!


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