TJ Answers A Question About Food

May 15, 2010 | TJ's Skeletons

Queenofthelab (Callie): We’ve heard from Hart Hanson that you like to cook and I’d like to know what food you like to eat and cook for yourself; for friends, and what is your philosophy on diet and body image? I’m a chef and caterer so this is a particular passion of mine.

TJ: love ALL kinds of food!!!

That’s my problem! I eat eat eat!

But I prefer healthy…well…that’s not totally true, it’s just I’m trying to be disciplined.

I’m that guy that’ll go from a 7 course tasting menu at a fine dining establishment, to nachos and a dog at a ball game the next day, to an all juice meal for 3 days, to peanut butter cookies…hahaha. I’m all over the place.

Love food.

Mainly the social aspect of food. Dining with friends.

When, if I cook: seabass, salads, pasta…

My latest craze is RAW. Yup. I did the raw thing for about 2 months a few years back, and seem to be finding it intriguing again. Something about all that natural flavor hitting your palate all at the same time!

Found myself eating lots of Raw recently and whipping out my dehumidifier and blender again. 🙂

In the end, I feel like I could fly if/when I eat well. Clean, healthy foods.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t indulge in pizza and a burger now and again.

favorite food: Ma’s Lasagna. Hands down. A close second: Lobster with Drawn butter. mmmmmmmmm!!!

PS: Cally is a chef?! Well hell, let’s get that party together and have Cally cook us up somethin tasty & mean! 🙂



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