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May 28, 2010 | TJ's Skeletons

Skftex (Sharon): I want you to tell about Theatre Junkies, how and why it started, how the original group got together, if you have anything new going on with it (I know Moment Series, Shuffle) but what else? Do you still have classes? Looking back, has the purpose changed from what you originally intended? Is it more than you expected it to ever be? Where do you see it going as it continues to grow?

TJ: I started Theatre Junkies out of a need.

My own need. I needed a somewhere, a something, that would give me the chance to act.

That opportunity wasn’t coming fast enough from Hollywood, So, I created an idea, a place, that would speed that huge desire up.


And so, we began to do what we knew, we produced theatre. And then, I ran out of money. Quickly. ha, so, we began to create a more affordable chance to act amongst a group of us, in front of us, for us. In a free space.

And thus began the groups.

I had experienced so much of what being an actor in the land of holly & wood really meant, and I saw friends still getting caught in certain sink holes that I knew I could help them avoid.

So, groups grew, and coaching began which led to classes, and guidance toward success in Hollywood.

And hence, the school was born.

And the school helped to point out the desperate need we actors have for…well..others! Communal, having a community within this extremely lonely, extremely isolating career.

And so, community events began, and like the others, swelled.

And it kept everyone smiling, feeling a part of, feeling free, feeling safe to explore amongst like-minded artists.

But where was what I started?

I found myself spending years and tons of money helping others get motivated to achieve what they wanted! To help others grow.

But where was that chance to act I wanted?

And so, the need returned, and productions, film productions, short films, feature films, making movies came back tenfold (we had been making them here and there throughout, but not only, not enough.)

Thus Productions began again.

Theatre Junkies.

It is a school. It is a community. It is a theatre/film producing entity. It is a place, where artists are respected, and pushed to their fullest potential!

In the end, I couldn’t keep all the balls in the air.

I didn’t have enough hands, enough bodies, and was exhausted.


I paused the school, for now.

Paused the groups.

Paused the theatre.

Paused the community events,

and am focussing all my attention, our attention, on producing film.

Experimental, short, feature, documentary, etc.

Telling stories on film!

And the benefit: It’s a community, it gives all those actors a chance to act, it’s a learning experience, and its fun and challenging at the same time.

It’s all in one.


Right now:

We are producing 8 more MOMENTS in the moment series,

We are flirting with beginning shoot-to-shoots.

We are putting SLAY on the schedule for a reshoot.

We are finishing post on our feature SHUFFLE, and we are having a hell of a good time!



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