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Nov 6, 2010 | Articles

Exclusive Interview: BONES Star TJ Thyne

by The TVAddict

Back in September, this TV Addict nervously waited outside a room in Los Angeles’ Intercontinental Hotel for my first EVER press junket interview. BONES star T.J. Thyne was to be my first. And luckily, turned out to be one of the nicest people around.

The TV Addict: Just so you know, you’re my first face-to-face interview ever!

T.J. Thyne: I’m so honored to be your first!


You’ve been on so many of my favorite shows — THE OC, FRIENDS, 24, NIP/TUCK, JACK & BOBBY. Is it hard to play the same character all year long after so many years of different characters?

That’s an amazing first question to ask! It’s actually really trippy for me because to be completely honest, I’ve always resisted the whole ‘series regular’ thing. Over the years I’ve tested for so many shows and when I got to the studio test, I’d pull myself out thinking — I can’t spend 6 years on a show playing the same character, I can’t do it!

To me, the idea of playing different character in different genres was always what I wanted to do. But when BONES came along and the character of Jack Hodgins had so many different colours and opportunities, I took a risk for the first time. And I’m so glad I did. Jack’s got a lot of different layers, we’ve got an amazing cast, great writing and Hart Hanson is a genius in terms of being a showrunner.

That said, I do miss playing a lot of different characters, as well as film. I think cable guys have the best. Guys like Michael C. Hall get to play an amazing character [Dexter] and still have time to do film and everything like that. But if I had to be on a show on network television, I’m so thrilled that it’s this. I’m glad I never took anything before that would have prevented me from being on BONES.

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