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Mar 7, 2011 | TJ's Skeletons

TJ answered a few questions asked by members of the Forum in the cbox on his birthday March 7, 2011.


TJ: Hello Everyone!!! thank you for my birthday wishes!!! Wonderful Stephanie and amazing Sharon contacted me to let me know of a small bday party happening over here, so I thought I’d stop in to say hello and answer a few questions! So, without further ado:

ThyneAlone (Steph): What is the best birthday present you’ve ever received?

TJ: Stephanie-best BDAY present I’ve ever received? I just got back from Las Vegas where my good buddy took me for the weekend, I walked into my home, to find that my sisters had come over when I was gone and decorated the entire place with ribbons and streamers and balloons. 🙂 that’s amazing. ahhh, I adore them! I feel like a big kid right now. 🙂 okay, best bday present…in 2005, on my birthday, I auditioned for a show called “brennan” and got the part of Dr. Jack Hodgins! That was the best! 🙂

Ali: Heya TJ, So if you could travel back in time to watch one major event in our history (world wide) what would it be? Cheers Ali PS I’d pick Woodstock


TJ: Hi Ali! Travel back in time what event would I watch?! ohhh so many come to mind…but I’d have to say I’d be in Washington to watch Dr. Martin Luther King give his “I Had A Dream Speech” to the world.

Marissa18 (Marissa): I’m a huge fan, and I understand that you love to travel (who doesn’t) and that one of the main places you go to is NYC (my favorite city as well) so I was just wondering what your top ten NYC stops are when you are in town?? Also I am planning on going to Austin, TX and will definitely check out your top ten for Austin. P.S. Ray LaMontagne is coming out with a new album in August.

TJ: Hey Marissa! Top 10 NYC stops?! BROADWAY, CENTRAL PARK, STREET OF SOHO, BROOKLYN BRIDGE, A TONE THYNE SANDWICH Down in financial district, Noodles at MomoFuko, Lincoln Center, walking bridge in Chelsea meat packing district, bike ride the green line, soft serve from Mister Frosty! oh so so SO many more!! Yay for Austin! and for Ray! thanks Marissa.

ChristyTwilight (Christy): Set the Stage, You are the last person on earth. You are able to build one friend (whether it be someone specific or a combination) to help you with everything you need (whether that be emotional, physical, or even constructive). What would be top 10 most important (personality, looks, attributes that person can do) qualities that you would want?

TJ: I’m last person on earth what 1 type of friend would I want?! Hell…I guess an Angelina Jolie type who wants tons of kids, and can MacGyver any situation. Right?! I’d need someone who can think quick, is extremely handy & inventive, who is game to repopulate the world with me one kid at a time! heeehee. :-0-)

Hodginsgirl (Jackie): Hi TJ!! I don’t think I’ve seen this question yet. What is your biggest pet peeve?

TJ: Hi Jackie: my biggest pet peeve remains those whom talk down toward others and make people feel small. grrrrr!!! I can’t help but step in when I see/hear that going on.


Jusbcuzz (Corrie): Hey TJ, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! If you couldn’t work, think about work, talk about work, by order of this question, for a week, what would you do?What is the weirdest question you have been asked? Will you answer it for us? *grin* If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Who is one person you’d like to meet but haven’t yet? What food can you not live without? Why? Since I can’t drink milk, I have to ask the other side of the question. What food could you be alright living without for the rest of your life? Why? During all your travels, what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and where?

TJ:Hi Corrie…If i couldn’t work, think about work or do work for a week, what would I do?! I’d exercise, travel, hang out with friends and family, go see every movie in town, every play, every art gallery opening, every new restaurant dining, I’d write, I’d swim, I’d salsa dance, I’d watch the sun set, I’d clean my email box, I’d take piano lessons, and learn French. heehee. hell of a week! change 1 thing in the world what would it be: Violence against innocent people, in every category. what food can I not live without? Ma’s Lasagna! what question do I get sick of answering, and will I answer it for you? sure. This one. and This one. hahaha. during travel, weirdest thing I’ve ever eat: in a small little sushi stand in the middle of the fish market, there were things I ate that came from the sea and were put on rice that I haven’t a clue what they were…slimy, crawling down throat, egads!

AngMT (Angela): So I really enjoyed seeing TJ’s list of songs and even checked a few out (really like Arcade Fire)…What are some movies that you consider must-see? Thinking more of “obscure” titles or old movies that aren’t hugely popular like “Avatar” etc…Since I have 2 kids and can’t get out much, I’ve been watching movies via Netflix at the rate of 2-4 a week and would love some more ideas!


TJ: Angela: Great movies I love to see? Mister Smith Goes to Washington, Life is Beautiful, When Harry Met Sally, Princess Bride, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, French film: Tell No one, It’s A Wonderful Life, To Kill a Mockingbird, BIG, Dog Day Afternoon, Casablanca, ET, The Godfather, on the waterfront, The Philadelphia Story, Shawshank Redemption, Dracula (Bela Lugosi), oh so so so so so SO many more!!! Thanks for the questions gang! and thanks for the Birthday wishes. ;0-) back from Vegas, now off to set! MWAH! -TJ


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