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Oct 9, 2014 | Articles

Exclusive: T.J. Thyne – King of the Lab on Bones

by Jamie Ruby

Recently Bones entered its tenth season on FOX. Actor T.J. Thyne plays the character of Jack Hodgins on the series, the brilliant squint who is a forensic entomologist (and a lot more) and a conspiracy theorist married to Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin). They had a son, Michael Vincent, who is now a toddler. Thyne recently talked to Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision for an exclusive interview about his role.

Thyne has more in common with his character now than he did when he started working on the series. “In the beginning, Jack Hodgins and I were a lot more different. He had major anger management issues, didn’t like authority, and had a big chip on his shoulder.”

TJ Thyne

“As the seasons have progressed, so has Jack. Once he started dating Angela, and then married her, once Jack came to terms with Zack being gone, and once the Grave Digger was finally dead and out of his life, he mellowed out. He became a father. Now he’s full of zest & spunk. But let me tell you the difference: Jack loves bugs and slime and reptiles, etc. I don’t, at all (laughs). And Hodgins is a deep conspiracy theorist, which I’m not in real life. That part is really fun to play since it’s so different for me. The spiders, he can keep!”

The actor doesn’t mind the gore, however. “I adore Halloween. I always have. Even this Halloween, I’m dragging some of the cast, those that I could convince, out to haunted houses again with me in October.”

“So the gooey gross bodies on our show, even early on, were always really cool to me, but, I’ve never seen bodies as realistic as on our show Bones! Our Yagher brothers team, who do all of the special effects makeup and bodies, are the best of the best. Bones wouldn’t be Bones if it didn’t have convincing, at times disgusting, effects, so we are extremely lucky to have the team that we do.”

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