NCIS’ Fletcher Voss Actor [TJ Thyne] Has An Impressive TV Trend That Goes Back To 1998

Apr 26, 2024 | Articles


Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for NCIS’ 1000th episode. 

Bandium CEO Fletcher Voss played a pivotal role in the 1000th episode of NCIS, but this is not the first time his actor has appeared in a landmark outing of a major TV show. The 1000th episode of NCIS is a major achievement for the series, and the long-running police procedural celebrated in style with season 21, episode 7, “A Thousand Yards.” Although it has been 23 years since NCIS originally debuted, this milestone managed to bring back the pilot episode’s story with a killer twist.

Many familiar faces from NCIS history reappeared in “A Thousand Yards,” but the episode also featured some new arrivals. Among them was Bandium CEO Fletcher Voss, a shady tech executive who owned the app that the eponymous team used to communicate. Voss’ role in the plot against NCIS was comparatively small, although he may return in NCIS season 22 after aiding episode 1000’s main villain. Not only was Voss’ cameo role crucial to the story, the part allowed his actor, T.J. Thyne, to make TV history for the second time in his career.


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TJ Thyne as Fletcher Voss in NCIS 1000th episode

TJ Thyne
NCIS’ Fletcher Voss Actor Has An Impressive TV Trend That Goes Back To 1998 – 17 April 2024 article

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