TJ Thyne to Norway?

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TJ Thyne to Norway?

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Hi! I don't really know how this works, but I just wanted to ask a question.. Does anyone know when and where in Norway TJ Thyne will come when he'll visit?
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Re: TJ Thyne to Norway?

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Hi! Welcome to the boards. To answer your question, since TJ is going to Norway for personal travel, and not for a con or any appearances, I do not know where he will be. But who knows, maybe you will be lucky and see him in his wanderings! :icon-razz:

I hope you will continue visit here and join in other places even though I can't help you with finding him in Norway! Introduce yourself in the intro thread in the Welcome section, give us your thoughts on Bones episodes! Tell us about Norway on the sofa thread (in the welcome section), or of course, anything else TJ related you want to discuss. :D

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