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Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:40 pm
by tjadmin
TJ will be in Vancouver, Canada on Nov 11-12. You can find info about tickets here:

Michaela Conlin also will be attending. :)


Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:27 pm
by xokeren
So I met both TJ (and Michaela) today. What amazing two people!
and here is my story...

I have bee to the Van Fan Expo a couple times before but when I heard that TJ (and Michaela) was going to attend this year, I knew I had to go. The only other thing I knew I had to do was to go to the panel. So ever since they announced them attending, I was waiting for the schedule to be posted. Once the schedule was posted, I decided on going that day. Now I stumbled upon another dilemma, I knew I wanted a photo with them but the photo op was so damn expensive (about $135 Canadian with taxes included). For the past week all I could think about whether I should get a solo or a duo. I have decided on a duo, however, I was still struggling if I should do the op or not. It was just too expensive for me and I was like I don't know if I am willing to pay that much and therefore, I did not get the op ahead of time.

Then fast forward to today. I got to the expo around 10am when the panel was at 11:30am. I went around for awhile as my friends haven't arrived yet.I also wondered about the price for selfies with them where I found it was much cheaper than photo op. Then around 10:30am i decided to go to the ballroom, where they were scheduled to be. When the panel began, the MC introduced himself and then, they show a short clip that introduced both Michaela and TJ. As the clip ended, both actors appeared and walked onto stage.

The whole panel was tons of fun. The first few questions came from the MC who seemed to really do his homework and was perhaps maybe even a Bones fan. They talked about having over 200 epis and joked about whether they did something for the 206 episodes as it's the number of bones in the body. Then it was fan questions time. Basically there were two mics in both side of the middle isle and people would line up and ask their questions. The questions were mostly about bones of course, such as fav/least fav scene, fun on set, food, what was it like to work with the squints, fav special effects, what was it like to be in wheelchair/ representing women in STEM, who was their fav emily or david and many others. There was a question addressed to TJ about his time at Friends for the 100 epis. Like what it was like for him where he said that it inspired him. There was also question about how was it different to work with David on Angel versus Bones. Lots of laughs and fun time.

Then after the panel, I went to get my selfie with both. TJ line was having quiet a few people and Michaela's was empty as she wasn't there yet so I stood in her line. Told them I wanted a duo with both and then michaela appeared. She was so sweet and humbled. She saw my phone case which has watermelon on it and said she was looking for a case too. She was also complaining about being cold lol Then we had to wait to TJ who was with other fan. Before TJ arrived to Michaela's side of the table, me being, well, me, placed my bag and jackets on the floor. Then michaela was like put it on the table so I did. TJ arrived as I was doing so and he grabbed my stuff and placed it on michaela's chair. super cute! We got to do the photo and then I showed it to them (michaela first who said she looked good and then tj who was too busy with getting my stuff back). They both thanked me and I thanked them and then TJ gave me hug. As I was about to leave, I got this little bag from TJ. It had a business card with TJ's twitter/insta/this site address saying "from the office of Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins IV", a photo of TJ, rubber band, magnifying glass and a bug. Super cute!

And that's all I have to share. I did take quite a bit of photos and videos which I am slowly gonna upload. I have so far uploaded two vids and


Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:26 am
by Sinkwriter72
That sounds so fun! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :romance-smileyheart:


Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:07 am
by Daniela
I love to read that you had such an amazing experience and even got a photo with them. The Selfie was a goo solution. What I see in the videos it was a real fun time. Thanks for sharing :)


Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:21 pm
by tjadmin
Thank you for posting about meeting TJ and Michaela. :happy-cheerleaderkid: