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Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:35 pm
by tjadmin
TJ will be at the German Comic Con in Dortmund on December 9-10, 2017. Info can be found here:

Tamara Taylor will also be at this event.


Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:31 am
by Daniela
I saw today and was like OMG, he´s so close again! I´m going to purchase my Ticket soon :D Are there any other German Fans going?


Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:01 pm
by Lonia
I will probably go too, Daniela! :smile: I think the final decision will be made a bit later, but the chances are good. If we go, we will be there on Sunday.


Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:16 pm
by Daniela
Really cool, Lonia! I am still unsure about the day. It will decide in the next days as well.


Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:15 pm
by MarinaDuister

Yes, I'm still alive.. Who knew, right?

Anyway.. If you don't know me, my name is Marina and I joined this platform in 2012 as a wee thing and was dubbed the ' baby' by some. More on that later. During the years, I've fallen in and out of love with Bones but I've always had a soft spot for mr TJ Thyne in my heart. Consider me extremely excited to hear about the fact TJ, Eric and Tamara were coming to Europe, only to find out that Wales would not be an option for me. This was followed by a bit of grief. HOWEVER, consider me double excited when I learned that TJ and Tamara were coming to GCC Dortmund! So here's the tale of my experience of meeting the King of the Lab:

Dec 9th,
7AM: The Bones panel at the con starts at 11:40AM, and generally the drive to Dortmund is about two hours. Thus, we thought that leaving at 7AM would allow for enough time to get there on time. Sadly, Europe was exactly at this time hit with massive snow and the roads were awful. I ran into the building at 11:00 (that's 4 hours rather than 2!), only to be in a queue for about 40 minutes to even get in the venue. As it was extremely crowded, it took me another 10 minutes to get to the main stage where TJ and Tamara had been having their panel for equal that time.

BUT, this was still the first time I would be (sort of) face to face with TJ (and Tamara). The first like 8 rows of seats were reserved for those with VIP, so we had to sit quite far back. TJ also commented on this during the panel, expressing his wish that we wouldn't all be so far away. Hopefully, the GCC will upload the video of the panel somewhere, seeing as the audience was not allowed to film at all. I only got to see about 10 minutes of the 20-minute panel. Fans were also allowed to come to the mic and ask them a question. Nervous and socially anxious but excited me ofcourse went for it!

Personally, I asked TJ and Tamara about their work together on the film Shuffle they made together. They said they loved my question, first of all, and that they loved working together on it. Also, it wasn't that much different from working on Bones together, seeing as they've grown close, but they did find it a little awkward during the romantic photoshoot where Tamara's character was pregnant with Lovell's baby and he had to hold her close. I must admit to not remembering much else from the panel, but I'll sumarise what I can remember:
- TJ's favorite season was season 2 (Something about more in-depth character relations)
- He's still extremely proud of being crowned king
- Also still proud of his long and complicated words
- Tamaras second day on set after her audition was basically an entire day of her shooting her big dialogues and everyone standing around

12:00PM: the10 minutes of the panel I got to see were over and it was time to calm down from the running and the adrenaline.

3:00PM: I get myself to the venue for the photoshoot. Lines, here too, were slow and crowded, so I wanted to be on time for my 15:40 shoot with both TJ and Tamara. Figured I 'd get them both in one go. The con had not really paid attention to the amount of shoots they were selling I think, because all shoots were massively overcrowded and caused massive delays. For my photoshoot, I had brought TJ a captains'hat and Tamara a pair of cats ears, for a lil throwback to their Titanic Captain and Catwoman costumes. However, because of all the delays, the photoshoot had to happen in like less than 5 seconds per person. I barely had time to give TJ the hat, and it was over just like that.

At the photoshoot, I met this other Dutch Bones fan who I continued to hang out with after that. Just before the shoot, I had gone up to TJ's manager/friend Brennan to ask what the best opportunity would be to give TJ and Tamara the little dutch trinkets and their headwears, and he told me the best would be at the end of the con when the autograph line had died down. And oh my I'm glad I did, because now came the best part of my day!

5:30PM: TJ's line was still a bit crowded, but Tamara's had died down so I then went to get myself an autograph and to chat a little. She loved my gifts and we were able to chat a little for a few minutes as well. Such a lovely (and beautiful) woman!

When it was time to stand in TJ's line, I got a little giddy and felt like a bit of a dork. I had printed out a screenshot I had found from back in 2012 when I was talking to Sharon (hey there!) in the chat box and he came on and said hi. Showing him this rewarded me with a second Thyne hug. Ladies and gents, the legend is true, they're amazing. He told me he remembered talking to Sharon about me being so young compared to most women on the website then xD. When I presented him with aforementioned Captains hat, he gave me another (that no 3!) hug and told me he thought I was too sweet. Then he started twisting and turning and said something in the likes of "there's something I want to do but I don't want to get yelled at." and during that time he repeated that several times while trying to call over Brennan. Turned out, he wanted to sign the hat and give it back to me as a reminder, but at this con they were being really strict (charges for autographs, someone was asked to pay double to get something special signed because "that would be worth more") but this other sweet lady who was helping him and Tamara sneaked him a Sharpie and he signed it for me ahaha. He (and Tamara) did the same thing for this Dutch woman I'd met to sign a Bones tshirt of hers). I'm pretty sure that in the end we probably got to talk to him for about 5-10 minutes, but its really quite a blur. I remember him asking me what I did in daily life but i'm not quite sure I gave a coherant answer.. He also gave me a Thyne care package (Thanks momma Thyne!) at some point, accompanied with another hug. He does love his hugs!

After the chats and sneaky autographs, we gave us a last hug and told me it was lovely to meet me (Probaby says that to everyone, but hey, I'll take it! ahaha). By then he was basically getting dragged away by the con people.

*deep exhale* so that is about what happened on my day of meeting the lovely TJ Thyne. So lovely and sweet, I can see why Validation works so well with him in that role! ;) The day went by in a haze, but he's truly one of the sweetest and most passionate people I've ever met, and I truly recommend everyone to go get one of those hugs should you get the chance.

I'm going to go and enjoy my memories now!

PS: I posted some pictures on my Twitter @duisterhoor should you be interested

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when I talked to him about this website and meeting so many of you lovely ladies on here in this great community, he mentioned that he "should really get back on here and do another chat sometime" sooo :0)


Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:42 pm
by stargazer
That’s so awesome Marina!! He really sounds like the sweetest guy in the world!! Thanks for sharing your story and the pics I saw on Twitter are awesome!! I’m so happy you got to meet him! :D


Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:28 pm
by Daniela
Marina, thank you for sharing your story! I saw some dutch guys at the photoshoot yesterday. Do you have brown, longer hair? Or a blonde with glasses?
I can only confirm about the snow chaos, my trip needed an hour longer as well and also I confirm that the Convention in Frankfurt was way better organised. This one was bigger in general, maybe it was the problem about it. I loved your report and that you had such a good time with TJ!

My report got lost while sending yesterday night so I try again:

I arrived at 1 at the Con. It was very full and the Stars took break, so I decided to get a coffee first and prepare for meeting TJ. At 14:30 the row at his booth got shorter (Tamara haven´t been there, I don´t know where she was). As I waited a teenage girl in front of me began to cry awfully when it was her turn. TJ nearly held her the whole time, while she shivered, talked to her and tried to make her laugh. It was so adorable to watch and made me smile already. When it was my time, I, like everyone else got the welcoming hug before he made me speechless right away by remembering me and even the occastion we met (in Frankfurt). I literally felt my jaw drop and stammerd something like "you still know this?" He confirmed once again and made sure it was Frankfurt not London but I still was in some kind of shock about it because I expected everything but that. Once again I stammered something embarassing like, you really remember? This is crazy. Actually, I had the photo of our last shoot with me, in hope that he might remembers a bit when he sees it. Honestly, I still wonder how because I haven´t worn anything fancy, told anything special or even had a gift that he might remembered but well, I guess that´s TJ, huh? :)

We chatted a bit about the weather, that he brought the snow because he thought we might like it haha. I can´t remember if there was anything else, my head was so full from the suprise that I forgot nearly everything I wanted to ask. He then saw the photo for the signing and was like wow! I didn´t know what he meant exactly but his assistant kept up with that we both look really cute together. (As if I wasn´t speechless enough yet) :laughing-rolling: A bit in thoughts he answered yes but I look so different (other hair cut) and I said so do I! (Other hair cut as well and my original darker color back). He then looked to the photo, than to me and said that we both really changed in only six month. The following minute he debated with his assistant which color to take for the autograph and tested each pen at a test photo, while I just stood there watching, doing nothing honestly. After the singing we all got a stamp "King of the lab" (the giftbags were taken already but that´s okay, I had one in april :)). I reached my hands so he could choose where to place but he rolled up my arm instead like for a blood work with the words "ready, its gonna hurt". I looked away saying "oh, okay, I´m brave" and after it was done added "I survived", so we both grinned. Than it was time for the good bye hug.

Later at the photo shoot he thanked quickly for meeting again because like Marina said, it was a 3 seconds per person shoot. I didn´t do the double shoot because even if I would have loved to, I couldn´t afford it anymore. The month that some expensive suprises so... however, I did anoher single with Tamara and she asked me wih a laugh if I would mind to stay left because she´s a "leftie". Of course I did. TJ was sitting in the corner waiting for her but the guys hurried us so fast to the other corner that I wasn´t able to wave again even though he was watching us. The last girl cried so hard that he jumped after the single one to Tamara and shouted another one! so that the girl finally started to smile. I still waited for my print and this scene made me so happy to see. He has a heart of gold and even the crew was happy with them. They took photos all together at the end. I had to hurry to the train station because of the snow chaos so I wasn´t able to talk to Tamara sadly. Maybe there will be another opportunity someday but still this day was amazing.


Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:44 pm
by TJ4ever
Daniela, Marina, so great you met TJ and thanks for sharing.