Actor Look-alike?

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Actor Look-alike?

Post by lzzy_red »

Hi everyone. I wanted to get people’s opinions about another actor who I think bears striking resemblance to TJ. So I’m a fan of the TV show Superstore and while watching an episode the other day, I noticed that one of the customers in a scene looked so much like TJ Thyne but wasn’t quite him. I honestly did a double take. I looked up the actor and found out his name is Artie O’Daly. I attached a picture but I think the resemblance is even stronger in videos when you can see his movements and facial expressions. Am I crazy or could they play twins??

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Re: Actor Look-alike?

Post by ThyneAlone »

Ooh that's a bit weird! I see what you mean! That is someone who could have played TJ's brother in the Heiress ep, though he might have been a bit young for the part. Eyes and hair aren't exactly right but it is a striking resemblance. Perhaps others might disagree?
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Re: Actor Look-alike?

Post by Daniela »

Yes, I can totally see a resemblence too. They could really act on a family movie together. :D Who knows? Maybe one day.
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Re: Actor Look-alike?

Post by tjadmin »

I see the resemblance but don't think twins (or not identical anyway). TJ's eyes are a prettier blue, and his hair is a lot curlier, and Artie O'Daly has a much longer face. But yes, this is one of the times I agree there is a resemblance there that a lot of times when people say someone looks like TJ I don't agree. I don't know this guy but TJ is nicer. ;-) :eusa-whistle: :-D
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