Five things he'd love to know about you...

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Re: Five things he'd love to know about you...

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Hi All,

I am EXTREMELY late to the party on this one but I will answer these anyway as best I can, even if TJ wont be seeing it. Here goes...

1.) Greatest desire. I'd say my greatest desire is to work within TV/Film - part of a film crew I mean. Movies and TV Shows are a HUGE part of my life and I often watch them and think to myself "wow there is a LOT of hard work gone in to this from everyone involved, not just the actors" - It would be my dream job to be part of creating something amazing like that.

2.) Biggest Fear. My biggest fear is possibly one that some people may find silly. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of Chainsaws. This probably stems from watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a child when I really REALLY shouldn't have haha. Or maybe it was being chased through a haunted house by a chainsaw wielding mad man when I was about 12. Either way, they scare the living daylights out of me. Its the noise. UGH... horrible! *shudders*

3.) Is there a something/someone stopping you from acheiving your greatest goal and if so-why let it/them?!!!! I am a firm believer that only YOU can stop yourself achieving what you want to achieve. Up until about 10 weeks ago I was a rather negative person who was very lazy and didnt want to work hard enough to achieve anything. I woke up one morning and realized that this needed to change. I made myself a promise right there and then that I was going to change this mindset and be more positive and achieve greatness. I stopped drinking alcohol (10 weeks and counting) - I stopped eating bad foods and started to exercise more - I try to stay positive about every situation life throws at me (most recently having my ankle broken in an accident involving a couple of kids who were just being plain dangerous rollerskating) - and I work harder in my job to progress up the ladder and get to where I want to be. So there answer is no, there is no one standing in my way anymore because I have given myself a stern talking to and a slap on the wrist (or a snap of a rubber band haha)

4.) Where do you live currently and what is the state of affairs in your region these days? I live in a small town in between Manchester and Liverpool in the UK - to be honest I dont really pay attention to the state of affairs as I have never really thought much about it. I tend to bury my head when it comes to government and politics etc but maybe I should learn from this question to take more notice. You never know one day I could even help to change things.

5.) What's your favorite JACK moment on bones? This is a tough one. I love all the scenes with Angela's Dad just because Jack is so funny in them. But if I had to choose one specific moment I would probably have to say the scene where he is telling Angela that he can't sleep because he is afraid to close his eyes in case he wakes back up in the car buried alive. His little sad watery eyes get me every time. Amazing scene, amazing pair of actors.

Well there we have it. Like I said at the start I am WAY LATE replying to this but they were good questions so I thought I would give it a go anyway :)
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Re: Five things he'd love to know about you...

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Hello! This is amazing to know TJ wants to know more about his fans! :) so here it goes...
1) My greatest desire in life is to make a difference. I love signing, acting, writing, poetry, making things like DIY, but my two favorite "hobbies" are caring for people and art. I would love to be the next Leonardo da Vinci! And anytime i can help someone out in any way, its such an honor to do so! One of the reasons why Bones hits so close to home for me is because I love the skeletal structure and being able to do what Emily does as Bones would be an honor also in itself!
2) Other than the notorious spiders and being chased by ANYTHING, I would have to say my biggest fear is myself. I feel like I stop myself from achieving the things I want in life and for some reason I can't shake it. As if I'm not good enough... Its hard to believe I'm typing this out to everyone. Its pretty deep lol.
3) I'm not entirely sure if there IS someone holding me back other than myself. My mom has always told me to pursue signing and acting but I never thought I was good enough. So you get where I am going with this one.
4) I am one of the few Yoopers from Upper Peninsula Michigan! Most everyone refers us as "lower Canada" but that's just not true!!! Lol. Our winters are harsh and last 9-10 months long! Summer nights get as low as 35°! I have grown up here all my life and I have never adapted to the cold!! I moved to North Carolina for a year and fell in love with the warmth! And the prices of everything! Even the walmarts there seem lower priced! But I can't complain because other states have more expensive expenses!! My town is small and secluded with no opportunities. Lol. But my whole family lives here so im grateful for that! That's about all I can write about where I live. Not much!
5) I have so many Jack Hodgins moments that are my favorite its hard to pick just one! Lol! The episode that caught my attention was the gravedigger episode where Bones and Hodgins get kidnapped and buried alive. The compassion and dedication Hodgins showed was so brave! His character came out of his shell in this episode for me! Also the way Hodgins is with Angela awes me. He is so romantic it makes my heart melt!! The way he comfort her when they found out their baby could be blind! Or wanted to name a possibly unknown, new sea life after her! And I believe if he can act like that then he must have true compassion in his everyday life!

Thank you so much for being the person you are TJ! How you care for your fans and how you play Hodgins is incredible! We all love you! Thank you for taking the time to read!!
Maggi Mae mellon :)
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