How did you become a fan of TJ/Bones??

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Re: How did you become a fan of TJ/Bones??

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They finally have it right now!
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Re: How did you become a fan of TJ/Bones??

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I'm not sure if I have replied on this before but I will again anyway :)

I always fancied watching Bones because I was a big David Boreanaz fan in my teens. I grew up watching Buffy and Angel, so when Bones came out I was intrigued by it but never actually got around to starting it.

Then one day my best friend Emily was watching it at her house when I went round to see her and I just got hooked on it. The very first episode I ever saw was that day at her house and it was Season 1 episode 'The Skull In The Desert'. I thought it was amazing but my friend Emily said "Dude... this isnt even one of the GOOD ones". I was hooked and I had to watch more. So I bought the first 2 seasons as by then they were filming Season 3.

I loved it then and I love it now.

TJ was my favourite from the start and I just love him more and more each season.
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