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Hi folks, just popping my mod hat on to let you know changes we have been making.

Sharon, as some of you know, now has full admin status and I too have greater powers as a mod than I did previously, so guess what, we can do more for you.

In an effort to discourage the spam that has been plaguing us of late, we've activated the approval feature on the board. It means I get to approve initial posts from people and can just chuck them out if they are obvious spam. Which hopefully will help keep the boards spam free or at least spam freer!

The smilies bug, which you have rightly all complained about because it is interrupting your posts, isn't something we can sort out ourselves, it's in the software. Sharon can't put the smilies all back until the bug has been fixed. However, she can return individual emoticons if they're popular, so if you have a favourite that currently isn't in evidence, please let us know. I've noticed something interesting; now we haven't got as many, typing is a lot quicker. May be just a coincidence, but the letters were taking much longer to show up before. Or was that just my too-slow system? ANYHOO the whole thing is a lot more user-friendly at the moment, so get in there and post, friends!

Steph xxx
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Re: Approval!

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And here I thought it was just my slower than average computer that displayed the words two minutes after I typed It does seem to be a lot smoother!!!
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