Calendar Boy

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Re: Calendar Boy

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What's the line from that old Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney song?

"I'm a lover, not a fighter." :D
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Re: Calendar Boy

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Wow, what a difficult task! All of these photos are gorgeous, so it's hard to pick! But I have to say my special faves are:

Zebra 5: Because it looks as though he's giving his sexy face to the camera, and going "YOU rock my world". (Or at least that's what *I* get out of it!)
Gangster 1: Because TJ + Hoodies = love.
Love Brit 5: Because that smile is to die for!
Blue Glass 3: Because there's just something to the photo that makes me feel happy. Be it the goofy big glasses, the way TJ's looking down, or the blurred background ... it's a gorgeous shot.
And finally, Scott 2: Because TJ totally rocks that hat!
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Re: Calendar Boy

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Sinkwriter72 wrote:HAHAHHAA

Simone, you crack me up. :D

Hope you're having a marvelous weekend.

:lol: :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen: :lol:

Have a great weekend, Sherry!

Take care!

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Re: Calendar Boy

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OK, closing this thread now and adding up the results to send to Mteam! Exciting hey? It looks like most of the 'sections' will get a look-in, so that will make a nice varied calendar. Thanks for all your contributions!
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