chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by omelette73 »

ThyneAlone wrote:To reply to Teresa: first of all, glad you enjoyed it so much. I thought it was great. I had been concerned about no-one being able to follow the chat if we had more than 6 or 7 people on, but I didn't have to ask people to slow down or take turns and it all worked very well! I loved that it just felt like an informal chat with friends.

As regards questions - well, we have done it that way before - have a look at previous chat THREADS where we haven't actually used a chatroom and you will see that I am there giving members turns to ask their questions. It also works well but it does give a feeling of formalisation which I think TJ felt a little ambivalent about. It didn't allow him much of a chance to go off at a tangent or into stream-of-consciousness friendly talking, so he drifted off into the chatbox at times. So basically this time I relaxed and let you get on with it. And the result was personal stuff rather than info about the show. On reflection I reckon we need a balance between the 2 which we can maybe get next time. See, this was very different. We didn't have 60-odd people on & we didn't have to wait for actual posts to appear before responding, hence more immediate and natural. I need to moderate to the point of something that isn't an interview but isn't too rambling either. All thoughts taken on board, thank you!
I also think that the best is to find a balance between something too cold, more interview-like and a friendly chat, it's just that sometimes it wasn't easy to answer in time, I still have to think through when I write in English! LOL

But don't get me wrong I really enjoyed every second of the chat, and I'm really grateful you did that for us :)
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by cutenebula »

Aaaah the chat... :eusa-clap:
A lovely time as always ;)
TJ is really cool nice and so this was really like a friends chat :)

And yes, it's true, I've been confused and felt lost most of the time :icon-lol:
Different reasons to this:
1) my sloooow internet connection - yeah the most important problem I think.
2) you all type faster than I can read!!! :icon-lol: So I felt terribly lost in all these colored lines everywhere... Even lost some topics I think.
3) I had no idea what most of you were talking about. Mostly because I don't know the movies which were mentionned and of course, so way behind in Bones (Thanks a lot by the way because you've all been nice not spoiling the thing, even TJ ;-) )

BUT don't get me wrong: I have spent a wonderful time with you all. And regarding my life lately, it was more than appreciated. :romance-smileyheart:
So yes, it was a great great time, I loved the way TJ interracted with us, and how we all chat together.

I think it would have been really hard to deal with more people than this small group. Especially for TJ if he wanted to talk to each one. This would be a real mess.

And oh really, we have great people here making it possible ;-) Amazing wonderful ladies :eusa-clap:

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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by cutenebula »

LOL I did a 2 colours post!!! :-P
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by MarinaDuister »

Besides my icky computer problems, which caused me problems TWICE, it seemed like everything went quite fluent most of the time. Haha every time my computer freaked out, everyone was like OH NO WHERE DID MARINA GO!? and then suddenly there were two of me :) But everything worked out fine to me, everyone was really nice, and eventhough I could not join in with all subjects, which'd be inevitable, I had a really great time.
TJ recovering of the age shock was funny LOL though he said it was cool I was so young, I'd love to know what his thought were!
But then, I told everyone dad told me to go to bed, and TJ then told me to go to bed too. Evil move there, wouldn't want to deny him anything, but come on! Who'd think I'd prefer sleep over TJ?! haha

Summary: I loved it and everything that didn't work from my side was my internet... But I always have internet problem. Oh, and apparently I'm the baby from now on. Thanks for the title, Véro ;)
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by TJ4ever »

I LOVED the chat. It was the right amount of people I think. Everything went very quick from time to time and as English is not my first language I sometimes had problems to follow but then I scrolled back, read everything and went back into the chat. I also translated a bit to my sister. That distracted of course too, but was fun to share something that's important to me with her. So for a while I only read everything as me and my sister were watching DVD and then the finale of "The Voice Of Germany"! That distracted a bit, too, but it was so much fun all together. I also had some wine already because it was my last day at my "old" work place. It was good that we were only 12 people. But I think it would be possible to do with a few more. Not much more. As I have to think about what I write in English I missed a moment from time to time. Then I deleted what I wrote, because we had a new subject already. But that wasn't bad. Sometimes I just thought I ask what I would like to know. And I think TJ answered everyone from time to time.

All in all, I HAD A GREAT TIME! It was a lot of fun! BIG THANKS to TJ for spending his time with us, AND to Sharon who put it all together! You really ROCK big time! :romance-smileyheart: :eusa-clap: :D And big THANKS to Steph, too!!! :romance-smileyheart: AND BIG THANKS TO TJ!!! :romance-smileyheart:

Uh, and thanks to my sister who let me borrow her laptop and didn't mind me doing this while visiting her! *Mwah*
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by SmackyKennedy »

I loved the chat, the casual atmosphere of it, and how it really just seemed like a normal conversation between friends.

While I think it would be nice to have some more specific questions about his work, etc, I think I lot our ramblings had to do with it being so close to Christmas and finding that common ground of stuff we love about this time of year. If we have one in March or whenever when nothing is going on we might have more time to ask other things.

The above is just more of an observation than a complaint, I can talk about movies/tv all day. Love how excited TJ gets over that stuff.

So, overall I think it was great! :eusa-clap:
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by stargazer »

I thought the chat was great! Sharon and Steph did a great job setting everything up at a time when most people could participate. Also, the chat looked great with the borders. :romance-smileyheart:

I think the number of people was just right, any more and it would've gotten a little crazy. I loved the casual nature of it, but I did have a few questions that I would've liked to ask if it would've been a slightly more formal chat. I love how everybody got to chime in on everything and joke around a little bit.

TJ is really fun to talk to because he genuinely seems excited and interested in what everyone has to say. I wish we could've gotten to hear his lovely voice or see his adorable face, but I know he likes his privacy and I respect that.

Great job ladies!! Can't wait for the next one! :icon-biggrin:
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by AmyLynn »

I was so dissapointed when I realized I missed the chat. :( But single parenting duties sometimes do that. (Wouldn't change it for the world!) Sounds like it went great though! Look foreward to hopefully being invited to the next one!!!!
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Re: chat with TJ -just info-no date set yet

Post by skftex »

I'm sorry you missed the chat too AmyLynn. I wasn't even sure when you saw the pm I had sent. I tried to alert people about the pm but of course don't have other ways to contact some people. I really hope you can come to the next one too! Whenever that is! :)

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