Bones 2.18: The Killer in the Concrete

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 2.18: The Killer in the Concrete

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I really do LOVE S2!!! Especially the B&B interaction and the Writing. And Emily is So Good in these.

So B&B go to Baltimore Koz a Body is found in Concrete.

This isn't gonna be long. It's a Good ep. Not Much Hodgins.
A lot of B&B and Max.
Booth goes missing & Bren turns to her Father for help.
Brennan's Freaking out.

I Also think there should of been an earlier B&B Hook-up it would of been a lot more believable and more Romantic.

Hodgins: "A Porno Movie theater" HAHA.

"Your Dad's a Psycho btw" "You have NO Idea" haha.

word count: 109