Bones 9.23 The Drama in the Queen

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 9.23 The Drama in the Queen

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The mother at the beginning disgusts me! What kind of mother would force her daughter into a well for a chance to profit from it??!! The little girl should have been taken away from her, but I guess that has nothing to do with the case. Although, it was funny that the little girl threw the ladder down in the well with the mother before running away. LOL!!

I thought it was interesting that Sweets was trying to act like the boss and be a stickler about the rules when it goes against his general character. The whole "booties" conversation was funny and so was Cam's dismissive reaction to Sweets about them. LOL! I laughed at Hodgins' comment about Cam being "Brennan'd" by Sweets and at the fact that neither Sweets or Bones seemed to realize that it wasn't a compliment. Hahaha!!

I am NOT a fan of the new intern, Jessica. She's a lot like Daisy only more cocky and VERY forward about everything! Hodgins seemed impressed by her, even though she called him "curly" and splashed gelatin all over him during his experiment. Her comment about her "Sweets-dar" being off was tacky (UGH!), but I did like when Brennan put her in her place by saying that "perhaps your vibe is broken" when the intern missed an important clue. LOL! Another thing that I don't understand is why do all of the female interns end up sleeping with Sweets??!! I'm getting deja vu! LOL!! The only thing I thought was pretty cool was the pineapple thing, but she ruined that too with her silly comments. :/

I thought the case was interesting and it definitely took an unexpected turn when the victim turned out to be a drag queen. I liked how they solved the case because of the broken stapes on both the victim and the killer. It's cool to learn how a bullet reacts when it's shot under water. :)

I'm not sure why but I liked that Hodgins was diving in the pool to retrieve the bullets. He always seems to get stuck going under water on cases, but I'm sure TJ probably enjoys shooting those scenes. I bet that must've been a rough day at work. ;) Hahaha!! It makes me wonder if he scuba dives in real life??
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