Bones 10.17 The lost in the found

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Bones 10.17 The lost in the found

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Sorry I couldn't comment before, but I had to say something about this episode, I loved the case, and I think that when Bones does this kind of cases, where the characters have some kind of connection with the victim, they still do an awesome job, as it was in this one.

But what I couldn't stand - as in "what the hell was Emily Silver thinking"?? - which is weird, because I usually love her writing... well, what I couldn't stand was the all pregnancy crappy plot.
Seriously, it was like watching "I didn't know I was pregnant," and there is no way this story line was believable, how it is possible that Brennan didn't know how far she was with the pregnancy?
In the episode, Brennan knows she is pregnant, there is clearly a time jump and she even says to Angela she went to a doctor, and that she thought she was expecting twins too, and she says this was the reason why she was bigger than she was expecting to be.
So why the doctor didn't say to her or to Booth how far she was?
How comes that the totally rational Temperance Brennan became, for one episode, someone THAT irrational?
It would have been better to have a Brennan totally in denial, I think it would have been more believable, but this explanation about her pregnancy made me really angry, because it was basically like treating viewers as a bunch of idiots, plus - at least with this pregnancy - I would have enjoyed seeing Booth and Brennan share the news about the baby with friends and family (we didn't have this opportunity with Christine), but they just did the time jump, the "I didn't know I was pregnant" episode and thought this was the best way to solve the problem.
News flash, it wasn't... at least not if you still have some brain left! :laughing-rolling:

Plus, where's Hodgins?? I need him.
I mean it! He had just few scenes, and the one with Carla Gallo was actually very sweet...ah, damn episode! LOL
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