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Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:43 pm
by Sinkwriter72
So, I've been working on the transcription for "The Girl with the Curl" tonight (for the LiveJournal group 206_bones), as well as an hour here or there when I'm able, and I just have to say... this episode is a challenging one to write out. If for no other reason than the fact that the subject matter is difficult all around: the death of a little girl, and the tragic circumstances for another little girl (who committed the crime through a horrible accident and then covered it up because she was afraid and because she wanted to win a pageant). Those things are troubling and sad to watch.

But then on top of it all, you add in this stellar performance by TJ, in these scenes that just ... reach in and squeeze my heart until it hurts ...

To watch it over and over again in order to write it out, it just kills me. *shakes head* Poor Hodgins. :( I ache for him and the position he's in at the end of this episode. It's heartbreaking for him. And TJ's face conveys it all so beautifully. Every minute expression and emotion.

Pardon my language, but ... he's really a f***ing good actor. Seriously. Sheesh.

And Michaela Conlin does such a subtle job in that final scene, the way she's barely able to look him in the eye as she shuts him down. Just look at how well she conveys Angela's fears without actually saying them out loud. I can't hate Angela for what she does to Hodgins in this moment because she makes me understand her point of view, as difficult and heartbreaking as it is. It's such a big step to take, especially for someone like her character. She's the woman who only gave of herself three weeks a year to her former boyfriend. That's all she was able to give. And I think it's because she was afraid to give more of herself, in case the other person would then turn around and leave her. And then he did -- he died, which was so horrible, and she probably felt like she'd been selfish, like she hadn't given him enough, she hadn't felt ready to give him more than those three weeks a year. Also, I don't recall knowing much about her mother, but I know her father's probably on the road a lot, as a musician, so she doesn't get the stability of that male relationship either. Add it all up, and I can see why she ran from Hodgins the moment they seemed like they worked well together. It's so sad!

Anyway, I needed to take a break from the heartbreaking look on TJ's face in that final scene, just for a moment. Thought I'd stop by and convey these thoughts before I dive back in. :D

Please, everyone, if there's anything you'd like to add, jump in and discuss this episode! I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

~ Sherry

Re: Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:12 am
by MariaDiaper
I'm surprised this episode doesn't have more posts as it's when Hodgins takes Angela to the swings for their first date, if I'm not mistaken. I loved loved loved that scene! So beautiful, I loved how Hodgins really listened to Angela and you can tell he really and truly loves her.

However, my issue with Angela is that I've always felt the relationship was rather one-sided, and that Jack seems more interested than she seems. She always makes jokes about him, kisses Zed, kisses Booth, talks about her ex when they discuss going back in time.. I dunno, it always felt to me that she wasn't as interested. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. I feel so sorry for Hodgins though, I'd hate to be with someone like Angela. I love her character though, don't get me wrong! Rant over.

I really liked how the episode cuts between Brennan & Booth and Hodgins & Angela; for me that established Hodgela as a main ship for Bones so I was thrilled they had more screentime.

Re: Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:20 am
by ThyneAlone
I've been meaning to get something in on this one for ages. It was a much-neglected season but we are managing to get it up to date. Don't worry, I will deffo review this as I watched it about 900 times when I got the DVD. Your impression of Angela, you will find, is very much the feeling the rest of us have had - we've hated the unevenness of the relationship up to the wedding and beyond. With a child, things have settled down a bit, but she is still the top dog in this relationship and I'd like it to be more equal.

Re: Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:48 am
by MariaDiaper
Meninism (feminism) for Hodgins should exist purely for the treatment he receives from Angela.

Re: Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:55 pm
by ThyneAlone
Omg, is that a year since I promised to say something of decent length about my favourite episode? Insane. Although, to be honest, a lot of it could end up being pure fangirl dribbling over TJ's superlative acting. It's just so refreshing to see him with material he can work with and to appreciate his choices in the scenarios he is offered.

The theme treated here is the challenging one of innocence and its loss. The team members reminisce – much to Booth’s disgust – about the things they miss from their childhood. “I miss normal people,” he mutters, fervently. But he has his nostalgia too – for Milk Blast bars – and he and Cam have the genuine empathy of lovers as they reminisce about them. When Angela thinks of childhood she picks up on the feeling of being on a swing – a metaphor for the freedom, the lack of responsibility and the sheer delight of risk taking and experimenting. Hodgins relates to this immediately, and it is not long after this that he decides to take a childlike risk of his own.

Everything in this episode relates to childhood. When Brianna Swanson’s remains are first discovered there is increasing horror and revulsion at each new forensic finding. Her hair is dyed, she has capped teeth and dental veneers, she wears make-up; she takes various inappropriate medication including hormones, she is malnourished and wears a corset at night; and she is nine years old. Her father rightly points out that she has been turned into something horrible, an adult before her time, and blames his wife. However, it is implied that Brianna was complicit in the transformation. Her mother’s praise and delight in her winnings was indeed a strong influence in this, but the pressure from the outside world about body image has surely contributed. Brianna wanted to go beyond what her mother desired. There’s some serious stuff here with which anyone who has watched a documentary about the premature sexualising of young girls will connect. It’s sad to see them in a group, as they chat to Brennan. They are gossipy, bitchy, precocious. There is no immediate sign of enthusiasm about anything; they don’t want to play together. Their talents, be they musical, vocal or gymnastic, are mere coinage in their battle to be the top of the pile, and they and their parents are ruthless about it.

Brianna is not the most attractive of personalities. She is a mean bully, and she steals other contestants’ possessions, it transpires. She is rude and overbearing even towards her mother (who pretty much deserves it, admittedly), and is very cruel to young Hailey after promising to get her some ice cream. But though her death is an accidental one, she certainly does not deserve to be kicked into a culvert and abandoned there, dead, because a rival’s set of priorities is so twisted that victory in the competition is more important to her than reporting a death. A loss not only of innocence, but of every trace of decent behaviour, which is what makes the final interview so awful.

For an experienced dater and knowledgeable man of the world, Hodgins seems oddly childlike in his approach to Angela. It looks to have taken him quite some time to pluck up courage to ask her out and it really is like watching an adolescent, his eyes are so guileless and yearning. And he even has a gallant little analogy to give her; they are like two pieces of neodymium dancing in a magnetic field, but need to move on by going on a date. As Angela refuses him, TJ manages to convey someone hurting who is desperate not to let it show. And when Angela changes her mind after consultation with her ‘girlfriends’, he manages to traverse artificial nonchalance, astonishment, utter disbelief, delight and prayerful gratitude in a couple of minutes. His date is probably the best one Angela has ever had because he tunes in to the child part of her and takes a risk with it. It’s really scary how much he is prepared to open up now that he’s committed to the idea of being with her. And, in the same measure, desolate for any viewer seeing and understanding the pain of the final scene of this little ballet; when Angela rejects Hodgins. Sherry’s right; it picks up your heart, wrings it out and throws it away. It’s a beautifully paced and beautifully filmed scene – the visuals, the colours and the silhouettes, the way it melts in and out, the way the actors play it. You understand Angela’s doubts, but you really, really feel for Hodgins: “Suppose it doesn’t end like that? Suppose it doesn’t go wrong?” He’s ready to jump in, but she is acting the reasoning grownup despite being scared herself. The disillusionment and anguish on his face as they agree to stay friends is terrible. That really is a loss of innocence.

This episode is an excellent one but it does make me feel very sad, for the impact of society on children and for the impact of Angela on Hodgins.

PS Does anyone know what car Hodgins used to drive Angela to the park? It’s the first time I’ve noticed it behind them and it does look rather nice.

Re: Bones 2.07 The Girl with the Curl

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 5:36 pm
by SmackyKennedy
I didn't get as much work done while watching this one, obviously.

The billionaire took her to some swings for their date. Swingsss. The best gift a guy can give is something that shows they were listening, and Hodgins nailed it. It was such an adorable scene though.

I agree with the concerns about the unevenness of their relationship, at least at first. I think that makes it more interesting. They are so different. I can understand why Ang got spooked about how good it was and cut it off. So sad though. I believe I have mentioned I hate it when Hodgins is sad or hurting. Hate. It. But, having very little luck with relationships most of my life, I understand Angela too.

As for the case, UGH. I can't imagine any kid wanting to do these pageants. I was always curious what they would have charged the girl with, if anything. It was an accident but she tried to cover it up so…