Bones 1.14 The Man on the Fairway

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Bones 1.14 The Man on the Fairway

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Slowly catching up with all the season 1 commentary! Sherry and I have decided to pause a bit in our watching so we won't get so behind in these so hopefully in the next few days I can get a lot more of these up!

A plane has crashed on a golf course and Brennan and Zack are going to investigate. Zack is complaining that this is the third case they’ve worked on without Booth. They never say WHY they are working on cases without Booth though. I like Zack’s reasoning about the FAA, NTSB, both sound Federal to him and FBI stands for Federal...until Brennan stops him. Then Zack tells the NTSB guy they are elite, but Brennan doesn’t think that they need Booth to mediate their interpersonal relations. I think she is wrong. Then the NTSB guy seems offended but the Jeffersonian woman just walks up with two pieces of skull and Zack can tell immediately they are parts of two skulls, so he should be impressed. ;) Then Brennan finds another body. So 6 bodies on the plane, one on the ground.

Our first glimpse of Hodgins is at a meeting with Goodman where he says they cannot tell anyone what he is about to say.

Hodgins: “I am philosophically opposed to institutional secrecy in all its forms.”
Goodman: “Fine, get out.”
Hodgins just snorts but he stays. HAHA He isn’t physically opposed HEARING about institutional secrecy in all its forms. ;) Then Hodgins thinks the government shot down the plane because it had some VIPs onboard. LOL

Angela is funny. When Goodman asks if it is possible the 7th bodies bone fragments were on the plane, she says “What, you mean as carry-on luggage?” HAHAHAAHA

Goodman says the only priority is the 6th body on the plane but Brennan says no, the 7th body on the ground was murder. Goodman doesn’t care, they have to identify the 6th body.

Booth shows up and Brennan is explaining about the body on the ground. Booth thinks Brennan misses him because the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction on a golf course, and when Brennan asks him who does, he says try the PGA. Yeah I have a feeling they aren’t going to be investigating it either.
Some creepy guy named Jesse Kane shows up. Sherry didn’t think he was creepy something about him just freaks me out. But he thinks the body on the golf course is his Dad. Booth upset that because the guy isn’t supposed to know about the Chinese. This Jesse guy is very pushy, and sticks his nose into things that aren’t his business and Booth doesn’t like that either. Jesse says that Brennan is “one of us” because she had both parents disappear without a trace. Does he expect Brennan go through all of those records? Then he says it has his father’s medical records and “pitchers”. Wonder why he thinks pitchers would help. :D “But don’t worry, if I don’t hear from you, you’ll hear from me.” See creepy! :-? LOL

Booth is going to help. Of course he is because Brennan asked him.

Angela, Zack and Hodgins have information on the 6th passenger, and Angela has a theory. Apparently so does Hodgins “Femme fatale assassin.” Zack thinks she’s an unregistered flight attendant. Angela’s theory is she was there for as Zack says “You think she was in flight entertainment.” And Hodgins does an awesome eye roll. :icon-rolleyes:

Brennan wants them to help with the 7th body and Hodgins is in. And says so 3 times and Angela says they get it, Hodgins is a rebel. LOL Angela wants a picture, but all Brennan has is “pitchers” ;)
See, he’s creepy again because he doesn’t want Booth’s help, he just wants to “bond” with Brennan over the loss of her parents, which she is not interested in doing. Why wouldn’t he want help from the FBI? :eusa-think:

Hodgins doesn’t do a very good job at keeping Goodman away as he catches them discussing a chainsaw. So Hodgins says they weren’t discussing an actual chainsaw but the pattern of it, and wants Zack to explain but he freezes so Angela steps in, then finally Zack spouts stuff off about the difference in the way saws cut that doesn’t match and Hodgins says “Therefore, no Chinese massacre scenario.” And so they’ve eliminated blades. HAHAHAHA “Never freeze on me again.”

Booth and Brennan go talk to the young widow of Jesse’s father, and she says that Jesse and the father didn’t get along. And she gives a motive for Jesse to kill the father because the father cut Jesse off financially.

They find out that the 7th body was frozen, dismembered, and fed into a wood chipper. Zack wants to drop the 7th body investigation but Brennan says no, they are going to keep doing what they are doing behind Goodman’s back. Hodgins is very excited about that! :greetings-clappingyellow:

Jesse doesn’t want Booth to investigate him as suspect because he knows he didn’t kill anyone. But of course he would say that if he really did kill his father wouldn’t he? He thinks his father can see him now but Brennan says he can’t see anything he’s dead. Then Booth actually wants Brennan to tell Jesse what happened to the victim, he usually doesn’t want them to do that. I guess he’s testing Jesse. Now Jesse wants to see the bone fragments. I don’t think he can tell that is his father.
So Jesse’s father was supposed to meet his wife at the pier and didn’t show up and she waited for 2 days to report him missing. That is a bit strange. Eww creepy guy tries to kiss Brennan, and she says this is where she works and in comes Angela with the news that the skull piece doesn’t rule out it being his father.

Angela and Brennan are presenting the plane victims to Goodman and Brennan is going to be honest with him and tell him that she is working on the other case. Hodgins rushes in with toxicology reports and says that they found the pilot and co-pilot were clean, some of the other passengers had Viagra and alcohol in them and the mystery woman had cocaine and alcohol. “So will the cover up start now or on its way to the State Department?” HEE Hodgins never gives up. “Dr. Brennan has been very clear about your priorities on this, sir.” :D

Booth brings a wood chipper. And Booth ignores Zack. I don’t like that. I know that Zack apparently annoys Booth sometimes but it is just rude to ignore him that way. And really it is only that Booth is happy, as Brennan says “Zack wants to fit into the real world more than anything.”

The wood chipper experiment is happening and there are a lot of people around. And why wouldn’t all the women from the Jeffersonian be there as well? I’d want to see it! My only issue with the pig is, I thought they were trying to figure out dispersal pattern for the body, but the body was dismembered before it was fed through the wood chipper so should they really be feeding a whole pig into it? Goodman is going to have to have his suit dry-cleaned.

The house that they found the suspect at wasn’t that nice was it? But Booth thinks so though.

Goodman is going to punish Hodgins, why not Zack? And he threatens Hodgins with parking but we already learned that Hodgins isn’t afraid of parking or feet! So that won’t work. Goodman can be vindictive and petty and says he’ll strike at Hodgins through his friends and co-workers. I love the way Hodgins snorts as he’s threatened.

Booth doesn’t trust Jesse and still thinks that he’s a suspect. Jesse once again tries to pull on Brennan’s sympathy again but she just wants to get back to the lab.

Brennan says asking Booth to help her was the wrong person? Really? I don’t think he was the wrong person, he just sees the whole picture instead of trusting the guy just because he is looking for his father.

They find the 7th body had bone cancer and then they find out Jesse attacks his father’s widow. Booth says you have to poke at people to get people to tell them things, even when they are no different than them. But he still doesn’t think that Jesse did it. And Brennan knows that it isn’t Max Kane.

Two months before Max Kane disappeared he had a full body x-ray? So they would know that he didn’t have this cancer and that is convenient of him to do those x-rays. I wonder how often people have x-rays of their whole body? I’ve never done it so I probably should get right on that. ;)

Booth talks to Zack and he’s worried about not being part of the team. Ray Sparks killed his brother. Zack says to look for a large freezer and that the victim was scratching to get out. Yikes! That guy locked his brother in a freezer! Sheesh! And then the marks on the freezer and the finger nail. YUCK!!

Do they ever tell us who the woman on the plane was? I don’t think they do. I wonder why Brennan doesn’t think she deserves to be identified as well. I know the plane crash was an accident but still that woman was a person and might have family somewhere, even if she was a prostitute or escort. :sad:

Then we go to Wong Fu’s and as Sherry points off, they are all in their appointed places with Angela, Zack and Hodgins in the booth and Booth at the counter. And Booth is back to ignoring Zack. I don’t think it is sweet but whatever. I think Zack would benefit more if Booth actually tried with him and Zack could possibly learn something from him. Ignoring people isn’t something Zack needs to learn.

Well that is it for this episode. This one isn’t bad either, there is a lot of funny stuff for Hodgins and Angela and Zack. I like it but I think because season 1 has so many strong episodes, I’d probably not list this one anywhere near my favorites of the season. But it does bring up the stuff about Brennan’s parents again so we are reminded about it when it comes up at the end of the season.
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