Bones 1.15 Two Bodies in the Lab

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Bones 1.15 Two Bodies in the Lab

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I have to admit, I was shocked I couldn't find a thread for this episode already! :shock: I had it all planned that I'd come on here and just read what was said and add a little bit to it, then I couldn't find it and so I did a full commentary like I've done for most of the others. It is long!

Brennan is talking to someone on the computer and he says he photoshopped out his third eye. Goodman says “Sounds like a good friend.” I’ve never understood that part because the screen said was “Still there” and she wrote “I’ll be there. 7.” So how does it sound like a good friend? Then Goodman is shocked it is someone she never met. Goodman says there is a delivery, and off Brennan goes.

“Judging from the algae he’s been fish food for quite a while.” I like that, its like the mafia saying: He’s sleeping with the fishes!

Zack: “The remains show evidence of bullet wounds.”
Hodgins: “Which would explain why he has all those holes in him.”
Very snarky of you Hodgins. I've said it before, I miss snarky Hodgins, and the way he interacted with Zack. I do like some of the interns but I just feel like they lost some chemistry when they took Zack away. :sad: :-?

The FBI think it is James Cugini. A mob guy. Brennan understands the cement shoes and says why mess with a classic. I guess she does understand some references. And thinks it is a good way to sink someone. :P

Hodgins isn’t too thrilled to be involved in a mob thing, because they are really into the killing thing. Are all the cases they get involved with somehow related to the killing thing?

They are all shocked that Brennan has a date, and Hodgins is shocked it is a man. And Booth gets all snotty about dating online. He prefers meeting people by their eyes meeting across a crowded room and that old Black Magic. He should start singing right there:

“That old black magic has me in its spell
That old black magic that you weave so well, Icy fingers up
And down my spine
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine”

It fits in with the whole Bones show! :D But Brennan doesn’t believe in magic so she wants to know why Booth is there, and he says they found a body tortured and fed to dogs. EWWWW While the other FBI agent, Kenton, is over there messing with the legs in the cement and Hodgins is apparently telling him not to touch, and then says something else to him after the guy takes a photo of it. I wish we could hear that. :-?

Lucky Hodgins, they are going to save the dog excrement for him. :D Booth has seen a case like this before, but they didn’t catch the guy because they didn’t have enough evidence. You know that really must bother him so he is going to definitely go after this Kevin Hollings. He never used dogs before. Then the online date guy calls and Booth is jealous and calls him Dick431. :laughing-rolling:

Dick431 is late because the traffic on the beltway. It really can be brutal, I hated driving around DC! Crazy traffic! Good thing Brennan dropped her phone! Someone is shooting at her!

Back at the lab Brennan asks if Hodgins has examined the dog excrement yet and he says “I’m doing the fecal flotation now.” Then sort of out of the side of his mouth to Zack says “I don’t get to say that a lot.” HAHAHAHA Well I think I’d be quite happy to go years without saying that! Hodgins is hilarious.

Brennan is snippy with Zack about the bullet wounds not being cleaned and Hodgins looks at her with sort of a shocked sad face that she’s yelling at Zack. So Brennan apologizes, probably because when they go back to Zack, Hodgins is standing there with a really stern look on his face. I know I’ve said it before but I do love just watching Hodgins expressions, he’s so good at doing things without saying a word.

Booth is not letting Brennan out of his sight and he wants to interrogate Dick431. I like that the guy thinks just because he is a campaign manager for the Brady Campaign for gun violence means he wouldn’t shoot at anyone. Sure, that convinces Booth that you didn’t shoot at Brennan. :/ Booth thinks online dating is creepy and Dick431 thinks he’s getting in the middle of something with them. Well of course he is, but they aren’t ready for that to be a real issue yet.

Brennan is more valuable alive. Hey, then Booth tells Zack that a big strong guy like him that he should be able to take care of himself and pats him on the back. They really were not consistent with the whole thing with Booth not talking to Zack. He’ll do in one episode and then the next talk directly to him. Booth and Kenton try to scare off Brennan.

“Fasciola Hepatica it’s a parasite found in beef liver.” Cool words Hodgins. :smile:

We get to see another serial killer. He’s not as scary as Epps. Lots and lots of keys are a private collection. Of course, then Booth finds a way to take the keys because he has a key for a federal building. The photos are pretty gross, and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all, he does like to look at it.

Goodman does what he does, which would annoy Hodgins if he were there. The keys with the greatest value would be in reach. Unless he’s a brilliant serial killer and knows that as well so he puts it on his left side further away! ;)

Zack isn’t as impressed with the information about the concrete as Hodgins. I wish they’d switched back to Hodgins sooner so we could see how he reacted to Zack saying it wasn’t exciting yet. So they bring in the Ramano guy and Hodgins is looking for fingernails or skin in the concrete. Brennan decides that the keys were used to gouge out the eyes; she says the keys don’t open anything, but surely they do? Or did at some time? :icon-razz: ;-)

Booth and Brennan go to Brennan’s apartment, and sing and dance. Which a lot of people love but it always seems a bit cheesy and fake to me. But then Dick431 calls so Booth wants a soda and gets blown up. That is pretty wild the way the body goes flying through the air with the door of the fridge. Good thing Brennan knows how to put out a fire in the middle of Booth’s chest. It cracks me up how pitiful Booth acts in the hospital, not even able to lean forward to get the pudding. I also really like how Brennan looks at Booth’s x-rays and sees all the stuff happened to Booth when he was a soldier. Booth tried to save the guy and the guy died anyway. Very sad.

Angela: “No ring, single or gay?”
Kenton: “Gay, why would you say gay?”
Angela: “Brokeback baby. Gotta ask.”
Brennan wants to get back to work so when Kenton says not gay, Angela says “We’ll talk later.” HAHA
And it is Hodgins again, matching the chemical compound of the explosives, perfect match for the chemical company Hollings works for, but that seems a bit convenient to me. They go to get Hollings and he is not there. Then they find a map, why Brennan doesn’t suspect that being weird I do not know. Most serial killers aren’t going to be marking a map where they plan to kill people, or did.

Hodgins is visiting Booth in the hospital and he looks confused about Hodgins wanting to know how he is. I love the hat, it’s so cute. Booth won’t let Hodgins have any pudding. :D Until he distracts Booth with the information about the map, because Booth says he’d never do that and Hodgins says people change, and sneaks the pudding while Booth is puzzling out the map thing. :D I hope that spoon was clean!!! Vanilla pudding isn’t that great though. It looks vanilla. Dull. ;)

“Go with me on this, mob guys know you’re closing in and want to throw you off by making it look like a psycho. I mean these guys have been involved in conspiracies a lot more complicated than this. They set up Lee Harvey Oswald, worked with the CIA to kill Castro, forget about what they did to Marilyn Monroe…” HAHAHA While Hodgins is right about the mob guys closing in, he then gives examples which will cause most people to just think he’s insane. But then he says someone at the lab is working for the lab and Booth says he’s right. And one of my favorite Hodgins lines happens. “People NEVER tell me I’m right, they only say I’m crazy. LOVE YOU MAN!”

Uh oh, Kenton has a gun on Brennan. Booth has figured it out that it is Hollings, while they are driving around in Hodgins toy car. HAHA Kenton killed Cugini and he killed Hollings. Kenton is a pretty big guy, Brennan does fight a good fight, but with her hands tied behind her back and he smacks her upside the head. That has to hurt.

“Crack heads aren’t that detail oriented.” Yes, probably not. :dance:

Hodgins gets to go with Booth into the building. Yay. “Maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding.” HEE HEE

Booth is an excellent shot, of course. The thing about that scene though, Booth is hurt and trying to get Brennan off the hook thingy, and Hodgins just stands there. I don’t believe he’d do that, he’d go over and try to help? And all the cops? Why didn’t they help? :/ It is supposed to be a nice Booth/Brennan scene I know but I honestly don’t think Hodgins would just stand there and do nothing!

It does make me laugh when Brennan comes back and Booth doesn’t want Brennan leaning on the bed. He’s all tough guy going to get Brennan but then he acts all pitiful when he is in the hospital. HAHAHA It is cute. And you won’t hear me say that very much about Booth. HAHA :romance-smileyheart:

Yay! I finished this one! :happy-cheerleaderkid: I knew it’d be long, and I had started it once before but it disappeared. No trace of it even in temp files so I had to start again. This is one of my very favorite season one episodes! Right up there with Man in the Fallout Shelter and The Man on Death Row and Boy in a Bush. The Hodgins scene in the hospital of course has a lot to do with why I like it so much, but I also think cases and the FBI guy Kenton being a bad guy were very interesting.
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