Gormogon, FBI kriby?

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what happend to maxs parents?

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they died
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there undercover somewhere
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they have there own family like aunts, grandparents, grandchildren but sill loves max and his kids
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knows what happend to maxs wife wont tell him and wants to talk to booth only!
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Gormogon, FBI kriby?

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ok ummm..
Gormogon - here are my thoughts. What if its the the fbi kriby? I know Max is supposed to go to death row for maybe killing him, but they don't have any substantial evidence but a finger print. I know finger prints can make and break the case, so what if it's him getting back at Max for something he did in his past? You never can tell who the killer might be. What if its Max's parents, trying to break B&B form being a couple? All us Bones fans want it. What do u guys think? :shock:
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