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Our Code Of Conduct

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If you’re new, please take a moment to read this code of behaviour. Our forum is a friendly and happy place which TJ likes to visit. This is what we do to keep it a great place to be!

Respect one another
Our Community

We care about and listen to each other. We don’t provoke, offend or attack our fellow members in any way. That would include inappropriate or sexually explicit language (we have many younger members), racism, sexism, homophobia, religious and political intolerance and incitement to dangerous behaviour, either directly or by linking to areas which do not share our ethos. No flaming or hurting others please; respect their views. Constructive discussion is fine!

Create interesting discussions
Our Posts

When you post you want everyone to understand and enjoy/support. Generally, you should follow these guidelines:
  • avoid advertising anything, don’t spam by posting meaninglessly and repetitively and never attempt to impersonate others.
  • don’t overdo netspeak and smilies at the expense of the message (but we’re not killjoys, honest, just use your common sense).
  • don’t spoil randomly. A spoiler forum is provided for your use!
  • for your own safety and that of others, don’t include personal contact details in your posts.
  • post in appropriate forums if you can, and check to see whether there is already a thread on the topic you want to discuss before creating a new one.
  • be creative with your signature, but don’t make it so big that it detracts from what you’re trying to say (no problem with avatars as they are limited to 80 x 80 pixels by default). If in doubt, have a look at some of the excellent ones we already have.
  • It seems obvious, but don’t do anything illegal (breach of copyright, defamation, contempt of court etc.).

Ask for help
Our Support System

Your moderators, begolden (Rebecca) and I (ThyneAlone aka known as Steph) and your main site maintainer, skftex (Sharon) are here to make things run smoothly for you. If you have any problems at all, with finding your way around, rules, other members, a certain thread or post, send us a private message. Or ask the rest of the gang; they’re pretty clued up. And don’t forget, once you’re here, your suggestions are extremely welcome too!

And finally – think TJ!
I pretty much stick to all the above by asking myself what TJ would want here on the boards. Respect, consideration, liveliness, creativity and intelligence. We hope to reflect his thinking and his character in all that we do here.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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