Welcome! Welcome back!

New arrivals, including the hello threads and the sofa.
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Welcome! Welcome back!

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Whether you're a lurker or a poster, we'd just like to say you are very welcome to the TJ official website. We are a diverse and extremely friendly group but we all share an admiration for the work of one of the best and most versatile actors on the screen. Our missions are to support and to spread the word. It's all good fun, so browse away. Post if you feel comfortable doing so. Use the Sofa if you'd like to share life stories (!), but we also have a less daunting Introduce Yourself thread where you can just say hi and be duly greeted by the rest of us.


Hi again! Thanks for calling in. Things may have changed a little since you last visited, but the welcome is still the same. You know the drill - come in, however briefly, and say hello to all your friends. We've missed you.


It really is great to see you. Stay with us and enjoy.
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