For role of Henry in 'Scribble'

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For role of Henry in 'Scribble'

Post by ~*Ali*~ »

I hope I'm posting in the right place but I found this on Youtube and hadn't see it before and just in case no one here has. Which I doubt. :)

Ali :D
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Re: For role of Henry in 'Scribble'

Post by boo »

That's cool. I don't know anything about that. I like the way he kept mashing his hair down for his date. :lol:
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Re: For role of Henry in 'Scribble'

Post by SmackyKennedy »

Thanks for the link!

TJ needs to do a one-man show at some point. He is so darn good at just talking to the camera like that.

And that led me to the Cat Deeley segment too...Just break into Hamlet now, no big deal. :romance-heartstiny:
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