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Re: Commercials

Post by ThyneAlone »

Don't forget, they are practically all to be found in the clips gallery on this site, if you want to watch them all in quick succession!
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Re: Commercials

Post by sundy317 »

Thanks Steph,I really did forget that...
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Re: Commercials

Post by jade.stormcloud »

There're now a couple of new clips to watch. There's a "Circuit City" commercial. He's sooo young, & kind of reminds me of AMH from "Sixteen Candles." There's also a little skit called "I Am On Film." It's very cute.
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Re: Commercials

Post by JennyLea »

I love the circuit city commercial!! It cracks me up, but definitely not as much as TJ singing "Man I feel like a Woman". I listen to country music all the time and even I am not secure enough to belt me out some Shania. You go TJ!!!!

I hate commercials on the TV but I love looking them up and watching them online. TJ sure has some great amusing ones that I think I could even tolerate on the TV. Now that is a complement coming from a girl who watches two shows at once to avoid commercials.
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Re: Commercials

Post by Rain »

I just had to comment on the Ford commercial. I'm a sucker for emotions. I cry at everything! (and I like it that way :D )
I had never seen that commercial before until I saw it on here. I was blown away. Not only by TJ and his acting (which was amazing) but by the whole commercial itself. It did what a commercial should made you think about Ford. Made you trust them and consider them. It was just such a real situation and TJ brought it to life. Plus I love the surprise appearance by John Corbett.
Good Job!
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Re: Commercials

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

That Hollywood Video commercial makes me laugh every time. Especially when he's imitating the woman's kids: "They'll be all, 'We want ice cream!" and you'll be like, 'There's no time for ice cream,' and they'll be like, 'You don't love us anymore!'" LOL. Tj is hilarious. :mrgreen:
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