Nice Boy of the Week

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Nice Boy of the Week

Post by skftex »

Thank you to Bethanne and Melissa (not sure if either of them are actually part of the message board, but I hope if they aren't they will join us! :mrgreen: ) for the messages via the site alerting me to this one. I think its cute, there isn't anything new in the info there but wasn't sure where else to put this. So I understand if you move it Steph! :P

TJ is nice boy of the week at ... t-j-thyne/

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Re: Nice Boy of the Week

Post by begolden »

Yes, thanks to the ladies who found this little tribute to TJ's sweetness. He's my number one nice guy!
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Re: Nice Boy of the Week

Post by Dr.Valentine »

Oh man, I just read the interview they did with him...MAN! Oh Man! He is such a catch!!!!!

God Bless him with the perfect woman!!!!!
(Or, if you see it fit, me :D )
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Re: Nice Boy of the Week

Post by Fleperess »

Yes, and seriously looking so cool and nice interview. Congratulations skftex :romance-smileyheart:
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