Bones 2.05 The Truth In The Lye

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Bones 2.05 The Truth In The Lye

Post by ThyneAlone »

A stylish punning title for an episode which is all about relationships, some of them male/female, others sisters doing it for themselves. And the truth here is very much buried beneath several sets of lies and deceit.

The victim's situation sets a lighter tone than perhaps it should. Society's attitude to a man who has acquired himself two families and made an additional partner pregnant tends to be amused rather than condemnatory or sympathetic. Angela in particular is given to facetious comments which earn her Cam's frowns on several occasions: "I'd like a front row seat for that," she remarks, referring to the moment when the two wives meet up, "Did I say that out loud?" And, later: "It's so Jerry Springer, how does anyone juggle two spouses?" At which point Hodgins becomes complicit in the jokes and ponders the physical possibilities. "I'm going to hell, aren't I?" Angela sighs eventually. "I'll save you a seat,” grins her partner in crime, if not yet in real life.

Although a complex case - accident posing as suicide posing as homicide - this is well written and the twists and turns are fairly easy to follow, and it's good to have a little insight into brittle bone disease as a side issue. We have plenty of time to contemplate the sheer grossness of the spectacle, as bits and pieces are sifted or dragged out of a bath of repugnant goo topped with a frankly foul layer of human fat (Hodgins, impossibly: "This is going to be fun!").

Oh yeah, right, the human relationships angle. Well, relaxed and funny sex bookends the action, first the 'mistake' sex with the ex, Rebecca, and then the equally 'mistake' sex with Cam, both seeming more like 'buddy' intercourse with past flames rather than anything for Brennan to worry about. Female confidences and support feature prominently in this episode and I was impressed that Brennan is not only able to pinpoint Booth's problem with Rebecca - he thinks she views him as a bad father, whereas she actually dropped him to retain her independence - but to speak to Rebecca in private to clear up the issue. This human sensitivity, seen also in her ability to relate to children (she introduces herself to young Ray Siever as 'Temperance' and offers to sign his cast) is promptly undermined when she takes it upon herself to gossip about Booth and Rebecca until the entire lab presumes they are back together (intriguingly, as he discusses relationships, Hodgins admits to not liking marriage as an institution. When did that change? :) ), and then is additionally revealed, in a spectacular lack of everyday knowledge, not to know what Oscars are! The woman has a very ambivalent nature!

It's interesting that the three women work together to solve their mutual problem. I think it shows a great deal of insight - that's what women do; they are supportive of one another. But they aren't the only ones doing some confiding; Booth also speaks of his private feelings to Brennan as they watch the wives interacting in the 'visitors' lounge'.

What I laughed at
The squints' astonishing and rapid mental arithmetic to calculate the victim's probable weight
The wives' confrontation, even though it proved to be staged
Booth to Zack: "I'd like to go back to the old arrangement where you don't speak to me directly."
Angela to Hodgins: "What make foolish man think I speak Chinese?"

With your forbearance, I am now going to reproduce in full my favourite scene in the whole ep – it’s Hodgins lying in the tub flirting with Angela. There is some serious chemistry going on here.

Angela: The irony is that I cannot think of a single woman who would want three husbands.
Hodgins: Good thing. A guy would never be stupid enough to let it happen.
Angela: Excuse me? These women were not stupid. And that (she looks at him in the tub) is completely gross.
Hodgins: But comfy. Welcome back, by the way.
Angela: What?
Hodgins: Well, after two days of inappropriate comments, you’re back to judging me for gross behaviour.
Angela: When am I ever appropriate?
Hodgins: Good point. Maybe it was just the judging me I missed. Ah…the woman I know and love. (quickly) In a purely non-romantic, happy-to-be-judged way. Well anyway – these women –
Angela: Right – not stupid. And frankly, that they allowed themselves to be duped is a sad statement on how lean the market is out there.
Hodgins: I resent that. I’m out there.
Angela: You certainly are.
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Re: Bones 2.05 The Truth In The Lye

Post by MariaDiaper »

Loved this episode, was so funny!
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Re: Bones 2.05 The Truth In The Lye

Post by stargazer »

So I caught this episode in a rerun today and I noticed that at one point Angela refers to the body soup in the tub as "the proof in the pudding". I thought that was interesting because as most of us here probably know, that's the title of the JFK episode in season 5. Now I'm wondering if that might've been inspiration for the episode title later in the show.

I've seen this one several times and it always sticks out in my mind as one of the grossest bodies they've had in the show. If I recall correctly some of the cast said the same thing in interviews. It was definitely nasty!! :-?
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