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Aug 30, 2007 | Articles

TJ Thyne
Actor TJ Thyne of TV’s Bone’s gives MF the fall preview

by Rosa Mathai

With nearly 60 credits to his name, you might recognize this guy from any number of projects—Friends and Nip/Tuck, to name a couple—but actor T.J. Thyne is finally through with bit-parts and zeroing in on the spotlight. As “the bug guy” Dr. Jack Hodgins on Fox’s Bones, Thyne’s physique for a lab rat is giving fans new meaning to the phrase, “body of work.” MF catches Thyne on set for a fall preview.


Right now you’re one the set shooting the third season of Bones. What other projects are you involved with right now?

I just went and shot a film. I played a priest in the 1940’s in a real-life story about the first woman electrocuted in the state of Louisiana. It was a comedy. [Laughs] No, I’m kidding. I was just shooting in Shreveport, and it’s so funny, doing a film with Jamie King and Denzel Washington was there, Forrest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, and all these other actors, in Louisiana. It was like a mini-Hollywood there.Ever since Katrina, [Hollywood’s] moved there because of the tax breaks, which I think is so smart. It was really cool and really neat to give back to the community, and it was intense and really excellent going to New Orleans.

Then I went and did a film with Brenann Hill, a runner up from Sundance, called Falls Don’t Lie, that I did in Louisiana where I got to be this gun-toting, drug-dealer guy, very different from the priest role and my character in Bones.

Tell me about your career? How did you get your start?

I started off in film. I did theatre all my life and then went into the film world. I then kind-of segued into TV land, which is a different experience. I am or was used to just being a recurring role.

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