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Sep 1, 2008 | Articles

Interview with T.J. Thyne

by Catherine Bühnsack, myFanbase


e got the opportunity to do an interview with T.J. Thyne, one of the main characters on the television hit show “Bones”. He tells us about his experience on set and his favorite moments with his co-stars. The interview could contain spoilers.


1. What tempted you most to play the role of Dr. Jack Hodgins in “Bones” – was it perhaps to dig into dirt or enunciate conspiracy theories?

Ha Ha, no, though i do LOVE anytime Jack gets to get a bit dirty. Honestly, it was getting the chance to work with Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson as well as the director of the pilot Greg Yaitanes.

I had acted for Greg in a few projects before and he had cast me in a few projects that my schedule didn’t allow me to do. When he read the pilot he said “If I know TJ, he’ll bring something to this guy Hodgins that I’m not yet seeing.” So he brought me to meet Hart & Barry for my first audition. I debated going (again, my resistance to the series regular position, but with Greg and hart and barry, it was a no brainer to take the leap.) You know what’s funny, I actually remember seeing Greg at a party a few weeks before my first audition. He was telling me about the show. No one had been cast yet. It was still called BRENNAN. He said they were meeting with the actor who played TONY on 24 the next day, and that one of the actors they were considering strongly for the part of the lead detective was David Boreanez. I remember saying “Oh yeah, I worked with David on Angel!” he asked what I thought working with him… who knew that David and I would end up working together for FOUR YEARS ALREADY after that little interview. He also said they hadn’t yet found the lead actress to play Brennan. Apparently, a week later, Emily walked in and the rest is history.

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