TJ Answers a Question About Wardrobe

Apr 5, 2010 | TJ's Skeletons

Do you have any say in the clothes that Hodgins wears on the show? We noticed he wears a lot of layers and were wondering if they were hot for you while filming?

TJ: Hahaha, luckily the stages at Fox are FREEZING!

The ladies all have these very thick down-comforter-quality over-sized coats they wear in between takes (and sometimes IN takes if they can finagle a way of positioning so the camera can’t see it wrapped around them in some way).

So Jack’s layers never get too warm.

Layering Jack was an idea I had in season 1, actually in the pilot for that matter. Something about the layers and layers of silt & sand he digs in.

I also requested to never have any kind of label or design on his clothing, to keep it simple patterns or solids only, and try to stay in primary colors, mainly browns, blues and greens. Why? Dirt and slime and water.

We’ve changed wardrobe designers periodically, and with every change there are new people that I need to re-define Jack’s style with, so there are the occasional reds and yellows and clothing pieces I wouldn’t choose, but I succumb to wearing in a sort of do-it-for-the-new-guy kinda way.

Soon after said individual is settled on set, I quickly walk them through Jack’s wardrobe, and remove anything I don’t feel he would wear.


Keeping Jack primary, layered, and simple.




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