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Apr 2, 2009 | Articles

TJ THYNE: We Interview Our Nice Boy

by Melissa

TJ Thyne is a busy man. He stars on Fox’s hit show Bones. He’s the founder and active participant of Theatre Junkies. He spends time giving motivational speeches at high schools and colleges. So when we asked for the opportunity to ask this Nice Boy Hall of Famer a few questions, we kind of figured we’d get blown off. Boy, do we love being proven wrong like this! It’s been a veritable lovefest back and forth as we orchestrated schedules and publicists, with the end result being a delightful glimpse at the man behind Dr. Jack Hodgins. Enjoy it with us, won’t you?

tj Hi TJ! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us.

TJ Thyne: Hello wonderful ones! How much do I love!

NGTV: And we love you! OK, let’s get to some questions here. Hodgins gets such glee from what he finds in teeny tiny particulates. What do you, as an actor, think about to get there with him?

TJ: What an excellent “actor-process” question!  Look at you, knowing your technique vocabulary!  (laughs) I love that you describe it as “glee” because that is exactly what it is for Jack.  He just gets  a kick out of doing this.  What I love about Jack’s excitement over his particulates is that it shows the excitement young scientists have for the world of Forensics.  I mean, Forensic Science is a fairly young science. It’s only been with us for so many decades now, and only really come into its own in the last decade.  It’s why I always loved that Fox cast a young group of actors to play these scientists.  It illustrates the youthfulness of the very world of Forensics.

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