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Jul 30, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Sinkwriter72 (Sherry): TJ, from any of the four seasons, what are your favorite Bones episodes…
… overall?
… because of the intriguing (or really disgusting) case?
… because of fun or interesting character or story development (yours or someone else’s)?
… because of something you felt your costar(s) achieved impressively in a scene or episode?
… because of something in a scene or episode you felt you accomplished really well as an actor?

TJ: Hello Sherry! Thanks for asking!

Okay, lets see here…From all four seasons (going on five now, being that I am currently shooting episode 5-2.) Kinda literally! I don’t usually take my computer to work. I’m very focused when I’m shooting, no matter what the job, or what the scene, and I’ve found computer, let alone email access to be a very dangerous time-consumer that keeps me from my prep work. I happened to have it with me today, and happened to have a minute of downtime, so I happened onto it, and happened upon your question and thought…heck, why not! So should I forget all of my lines in this next scene, it’s because of you personally. Hahahaha, TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!!! I promise that is not true. I am more than prepped (always) and feel completely confident in answering this question at this time. Oh, and the scene I’m shooting, so when you watch this episode you’ll know “Hey, he answered my question JUST before shooting that scene!” is a scene where Angela, Brennan, Cam and I are identifying the body of a possible spy with gunpowder on his fingertips! (can’t tell ya more than that, don’t want to spoil anything)

To your question:

My overall favorite Bones episode from the last 4+ seasons is easily ALIENS IN A SPACESHIP. Jack got to have a good go-at-it in that one, had a chance to show more of himself than any other episode before or since. Loved working with Em all those days in the car as well. Very much my speed, a script such as that one. Here’s hoping Jack gets another swing at material like that!

Overall favorite “Disgusting” Case…hmmm…I mean, the flattened PIZZA victim was intense, the gooey soup-ish-bathtub victim was pretty gross, but for me…for me it was the episode fairly early on of the young child..that one…that one was a bit intense for me and disgusting in a different kinda way. Not so much the slime and guts of it, but the disgusting human being that could ever hurt a child, let alone anyone, but a child….gross. Just…gross.

Interesting story developments…I loved putting the Rose on Angela’s desk and then asking her out and then taking her to the swings, and kissing her, and courting her, and dating her and proposing to her (3 times!) and her saying yes, and marrying her…almost, and the breaking up, and getting back together and and and….I love seeing Jack so head-over-heels for her, which he is, and always will be, and hides well. I love that story line. Will always love it, especially based on the nature of how it began. ahhhhhhh.

Co-stars….there have been many-a-moments where I have been across the screen from my co-stars where I have wow’ed at their commitment level and acting chops. I don’t believe I could pinpoint a single one here or there. I love this cast. I love what they bring to the table and love working with them.

Something “I” accomplished….hahaha, that, that’s hard for me. I’m not sure I ever accomplish what I want to in a scene or in an episode. I’m always wanting to do more, be more….I watch my performances like an athlete watches a match, so as to learn what I didn’t do in order to deliver with the next go. But…I do love Jack, and he, and I, have had fun together. truly. We’ve gotten to know each other the last 4 plus years and he’s the kinda guy I’d want on my team to back me up. So in that, in that I guess I am proud and feel accomplished.

Okay, the infamous knock-on-the-trailer-door has arrived. I’m off to coat-up and glove up!




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