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Jul 11, 2011 | Articles

Food, WALKER TEXAS RANGER, Baby Hodgins and more with #BONES’ star (and #MASTERCHEF guest) @TJThyne!

by Jim Halterman

Whether I’m interviewing him on the press line at a Bones Paley Center event or bumping into him at one of the best sushi places in LA, actor TJ Thyne is always ready to chat about a myriad of subjects with the same kind of enthusiasm we’ve grown used to seeing every week as Jack Hodgins. Seeing that he is appearing on this week’s episode of MasterChef, I had to ring him up and I found out a few things about him – he loves talking food, has very good taste in his favorite shows, has his own thoughts of what kind of parents Hodgins and Angela (Michaela Conlin) will be when the new season of Bones kicks off in November and if there’s another profession he could see himself doing other than acting. The following is our enjoyable chat.

TJ Thyne Tamara Taylor Emily Deschanel Bones

TJ Thyne, Emily Deschanel, and Tamara Taylor Bones ©2010 Richard Foreman/FOX

Jim Halterman: How did you end up appearing on MasterChef? Are you a fan of food shows?

TJ Thyne: Yes! My Mom is Italian and we, of course, just love eating and every time I see my Mom she’s just feeding me. It’s social and we’re from that mindset that food is love. We all love food and most of them can cook – I can’t – the most amazing meals and just whip up some Italian meal and not just break open a bag of noodles.

They make their own pasta, homemade pizzas…it’s just amazing. Way back when we were huge fans of this tiny little show called Top Chef and it was the greatest show ever! Along the way, we, of course, started tuning into Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares and all the Gordon Ramsay shows. My sister called me about this MasterChef tasting and I thought it was just a tasting but then I showed up and it was a whole celebrity thing. My sister was invited to go and I was just going as her guest. I was actually shooting Bones that day so I got there late and was only able to try one appetizer and one dessert and that was it! I really wanted to try and taste each meal and get an accurate idea of who should be winning.

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TJ Thyne Emily Deschanel Tamara Taylor Bones


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