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Aug 6, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Alittle something extra. I’ve been part of the summer 09 doing what I love, seeing live music! Though I have more to go, Here’s the beginning of a playlist ya’ll should download of some of my bands I love & went to in the last month in LA & in NY 🙂

Regina Spektor: July at The El Rey in Los Angeles. Love me some Regina! Have seen here at Coachella and elsewhere. She rocked at the El Rey!

SONGS: Oh so many! Here are three:

  1. “Real Love”, her cover of John Lennon’s amazing song.
  2. “Après Moi” Begin to Hope.
  3. “Samson” Begin to hope (one of my favorites)
  4. Okay, one extra “On the Radio”. (Another fav)

MGMT: July at Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY. Ah MGMT!!! Last saw them at ACL in Texas. I love every song of theirs but here’s 3:

  1. Time To Pretend
  2. The Youth (its the words I love, and the beat of course!)
  3. 4th Dimensional Transition
    Ray LaMontagne: July, The Hollywood Bowl, LA, he played with the entire LA Phil Harmonic. So great.

  1. Trouble
  2. Meg White
  3. You are the Best Thing
  4. The Ting Tings: August at Club Nokia in Downtown LA. So good! First time I saw them live. So so good!

    1. Shut Up and Let Me Go. (Of course!)
    2. Traffic Light
    3. That’s Not My Name

    Phillip Glass: July, The Hollywood Bowl, LA California

    1. The music of Koyaanisqatsi. Very cool (saw this first when I was 16 years old, then again at 18, Then this past month.

    Explosions in the Sky: July in Central Park, NYC. Pouring rain on us the whole time, then right when they played First Breath After Coma, the sun appeared and the rain subsided. So cool.

    1. First Breath After Coma
    2. Your Hand in Mine
    3. The Birth & Death of the Day

    More to come, But I hope you enjoy my Summer Music Festival so far 🙂



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