TJ Answers a Question About His Profession

Aug 10, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

Ellen: TJ, if you were not involved in acting in any way, what would you be doing instead? Would you choose the quiet life? Or would you become famous another way?

TJ: Hello lovely Ellen!

I was very lucky to learn at a young age what I wanted to do. I remember before then thinking “Oh, maybe a policeman, or a chef, or a teacher, or…” and then I realized this thing called ACTING which I was madly in love with and I thought…”Wait a minute, if I’m an actor, I get to be all of those things, and MORE!”  and oh how much more! So I am truly very happy in what I do for a living and for fun. I also don’t limit life just to acting, I have two other companies I’ve created that I run. The first is Theatre Junkies productions which is more than just a production company, it’s an entire community! As well as a school and oh so much…it’s growing and growing as we speak! (well…as I type I should say. :-)) The second is an incredibly exciting non-profit organization that I am JUST in the process of contracting legally now.  I’m sooo excited about it; a truly wonderful way to give back (going to get people off of the streets, and into some homes, with a program to teach teach teach them tools to get back into society…more on that later.:-))

My friends always laugh at me “TJ’s day off is creating a company, or building a house”. They say I don’t know how to do anything simply. “Hell, just renting a movie with TJ ends up being this extravagant outdoor movie screening on the lawn with all the classic candies you used to get in the theaters, and fresh popcorn being popped RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Not to mention, a mid-movie Ice Cream break!” heeehee.

The quiet life? Nah, it’s not for me. I love it once in a blue moon. I love it when I earn it, you know? exhausted to the point of needing to just sit and rest. But ultimately I was born to be a mover and definitely a shaker. But helping others, giving back, teaching, putting smiles on the faces of those less fortunate. That, that that, I would be spending a life time doing.
and I intend to in every way I can!



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