TJ Answers a Questions About the Differences in Stage, Film, and TV Work

Aug 6, 2009 | TJ's Skeletons

ThyneAlone (Steph): For you, what are the important differences between film, TV and stage acting? Which do you find the most challenging and why? And who are your role models in each discipline?

TJ: Ah, the maker of smiles. Hello Steph! Difference between TV, FILM & STAGE.  I must say, for me, acting is acting is acting is acting.  Like a pianist who sits in front of those pearly 88’s that may churn out some rock N roll, or Mozart, the vibrations, the holds, the rhythmic pattern may be completely different, but  the tools, the way, the technique, very much the same.

They say film is a director’s medium. It’s true. But I love love love this medium!  It’s where I choose to escape as an individual, the movies. I love the story telling,  I love the ONE VOICE aspect of a film, one person telling you the tale with the help of many.

They say Television is the writer’s medium. It’s true. But I adore this medium. It’s where I most often work.

They say The Stage is the actor’s medium. It’s true. And this, this, this I melt for. To be upon the boards amongst living, breathing, being audience members, with nothing but your text and tools and rehearsals behind you helping you find your way as YOU tell the story.

Ahh! I’m happiest when I am doing all three disciplines. Hope to continue the juggling for a long time.

Role models…oh so very many…a few: Sam Rockwell, Michael Cera, Anthony Hopkins,  Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Robert De Niro & Al Pacino’s EARLY WORKS, Dustin Hoffman, Cate Blanchett, the cast of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, the cast of MADMEN, the cast of THE WIRE, the cast of RESCUE ME, Laurence Olivier, and on and on and on…




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