This is me…TJ Thyne

TJ talks about traditions, his favorite shows, places to hang out in L.A, and more for the “This is me” segment for

The TV Addict Interview

Exclusive Interview: BONES Star TJ Thyne by The TVAddict Back in September, this TV Addict nervously waited outside a room in Los Angeles’ Intercontinental Hotel for my first EVER press junket interview. BONES star T.J. Thyne was to be my first. And luckily, turned...

ZOOEYtv Interview

TJ Talks about music, why people like Hodgins, Hodgins’ wardrobe, and more in this ZooeyTV segment for Zooey Magazine.

TJ Answers a Question About Preparing for a Role

TJ4EVER (Simone): TJ, how do you prepare for a role? TJ: How do I prepare for a role?The same way a chef prepares for a meal. Figure out what the reason behind the meal is. Then, know who the guests are, then, research the freshest and the best proteins, veggies,...

TJ Answers a Question About Love

Akarana (Jess): Jack Hodgins is (was? For his own sake I sometimes hope he's over it) crazily, madly and head over heels in love with Angela. He bought her an incredibly expensive perfume, arranged the perfect date for her, asked her several times to marry him... and...

TJ Answers a Question About Theatre Junkies

Skftex (Sharon): I want you to tell about Theatre Junkies, how and why it started, how the original group got together, if you have anything new going on with it (I know Moment Series, Shuffle) but what else? Do you still have classes? Looking back, has the purpose...

TJ Answers A Question About Food

Queenofthelab (Callie): We’ve heard from Hart Hanson that you like to cook and I’d like to know what food you like to eat and cook for yourself; for friends, and what is your philosophy on diet and body image? I’m a chef and caterer so this is a particular passion of...

TJ Answers a Question About His Most Challenging Role

HanneDK: TJ, of all the characters you have played, which one has been the most challenging-and why? TJ: Hamlet. Mainly, because he's my favorite character ever written in dramatic history, so there was an overwhelming desire to "get it right". I look forward to...


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