TJ Answers a Question About Bones Roles

Harry_Greece: TJ, if you could choose any other role from BONES what role would you like? TJ: Hello Harry! Ah Greece! I hope to make it to Greece some day! I'm not completely sure I understand the question, but I'll have a go at it. You are possibly asking, "If I...

TJ Answers a Question About Films/Roles

Hmfrongillo: Have you ever seen a movie you really loved, and then wished you had been offered that role or could play one like it? If so, what role? TJ: Hello Hmfrongillo, The answer to your question is: YES, ALMOST EVERY DAY, ALL OF THEM!!!! I'll keep it recent:...

TJ Answers a Question About Facebook

IrishDancer: A lot of us here are glad that you've kind of opened up your life to us on Facebook. While it's not unusual for celebrities to have professional MySpaces listing Forésome stuff, appearances. dates, etc..., it is unusual for them to have a Facebook with...

TJ Answers a Question About Saving People

Lauren: TJ, if you had 10 spaces left in your Nuclear bunker, who would you save and why? Your family and friends are all safe because that's just plain nasty, making you choose between them. If your name wasn't TJ Thyne, do you think you would have turned out...

TJ Answers a Question About Bones Behind the Scenes

Sofilps (Sofi): Do you have any fun stories from the Bones set? I've read in several interviews that you and the rest of the cast on Bones are laughing in every scene so, what's the truth behind those laughs? What makes it so funny? TJ: Hello Sofi! Fitting question. I...

TJ Answers a Question About Traveling

Bonesaddict11 (Dohee): If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? And with whom? Coke or Pepsi products? TJ: Hello Dohee! Oooooo a question right up my alley! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel! I've been getting that itchy need to jet-set again...

TJ Answers a Question About His Profession

Ellen: TJ, if you were not involved in acting in any way, what would you be doing instead? Would you choose the quiet life? Or would you become famous another way? TJ: Hello lovely Ellen! I was very lucky to learn at a young age what I wanted to do. I remember before...


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