TJ Talks About Music

Alittle something extra. I've been part of the summer 09 doing what I love, seeing live music! Though I have more to go, Here's the beginning of a playlist ya'll should download of some of my bands I love & went to in the last month in LA & in NY 🙂 Regina...

TJ Talks About Favorite Bones Episodes

Sinkwriter72 (Sherry): TJ, from any of the four seasons, what are your favorite Bones episodes... ... overall? ... because of the intriguing (or really disgusting) case? ... because of fun or interesting character or story development (yours or someone else's)? ......

NiceGirlsTV Interview

TJ THYNE: We Interview Our Nice Boy by Melissa TJ Thyne is a busy man. He stars on Fox’s hit show Bones. He’s the founder and active participant of Theatre Junkies. He spends time giving motivational speeches at high schools and colleges. So when we asked for the...

TJ Answers a Question About How He Handles Bad Days

TJ: Hello to all! Before we begin, I’d like to say a quick something to “The Ladies Three”, (Stephanie, Rebecca & Sharon) Thank you ladies, for breathing life back into this site. It looks wonderful. I continue to be truly humbled that any of you would want to...

myFanbase Interview

Interview with T.J. Thyne by Catherine Bühnsack, myFanbase We got the opportunity to do an interview with T.J. Thyne, one of the main characters on the television hit show "Bones". He tells us about his experience on set and his favorite moments with his co-stars. The... Exclusive Interview

DAVE KUHR AND TJ THYNE Dave: We are sitting here… TJ: Practically in the dark. Dave: (Laughs) Yes (Laughs) almost entirely in the dark TJ: (Laughing) Can we please explain to them WHY we are in the dark for this interview? Dave: Ha! Well…someone was a busy actor and...

Men’s Fitness Magazine Interview

TJ Thyne Actor TJ Thyne of TV's Bone's gives MF the fall preview by Rosa Mathai With nearly 60 credits to his name, you might recognize this guy from any number of projects—Friends and Nip/Tuck, to name a couple—but actor T.J. Thyne is finally through with bit-parts... 20 Questions with TJ Thyne

by Amy (twitter: @amypop) Thyne Thyne is one of those people who you just know from somewhere. A veteranof many memorable TV commercials and guest-spots, he finally has a worthy gig that delivers him straight to your living room every Wednesday night. Playing Dr. Jack...


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